A home birth is a birth at a residence, not in a hospital or birthing center.

Answers provided by ChatGPT about home births

Below are some answers that ChatGPT provided about home births: My home birth was beautiful. Why don't more women in the US have a home birth?"While home birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience for some women, it is not a widely popular option in the United States for a variety of reasons. ... read more »

Is Planned Home and Out Of Hospital Birth Safe?

A planned home birth takes place at home or in a residence rather than in a hospital. ... read more »

Can a Labor Induction Be Done At Home?

A labor induction is usually defined as a process to soften and open the cervix and get a pregnant woman into labor. ... read more »

Home-Birth Apgar Scores Too Good to Be True?

A newborn baby's Apgar score provides a quick summary of the health of the child a minute after it's born and again at five minutes. Possible scores range from a low of zero to a high of 10. ... read more »

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Home Birth?

While most births take place in hospitals, there are other places in which women experience labor and delivery. An out-of-hospital birth can include a birthing center or another facility that is not a hospital. A home birth is quite different. Delivery takes place in someone's residence, house or apartment during a home birth.  ... read more »

Incomplete Data and Deception in Homebirths

One of the issues in the discussion of homebirths is that data are shown incompletely. If you want to participate in a reasonable discussion of any subject, it is crucial that you consider all facts, not just the ones you choose. ... read more »

Home Births Have Higher Neonatal Mortality Rate, Says Study

A new study found that there is a significantly heightened risk of early and total neonatal mortality in at-home births, which is even higher if the woman is 41 weeks or more or if it is her first time giving birth. ... read more »

Water Birth

Water birth is the process of giving birth in water. Some women choose to labor in the water and get out for delivery. ... read more »

Homebirth on the Prairie

Homebirth story as told by comedian Patton Oswalt. ... read more »

Informed Consent For a Homebirth

Informed Consent For a Homebirth ... read more »

My Home Birth Midwife Said What?!?

This here is a list of expressions spoken by home birth midwives Send in your submissions to [email protected]. ... read more »