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Fertility, Pregnancy, and Reproductive Health Glossary

Learn the many scientific words and terms surrounding fertility, reproduction, and pregnancy. ... read more »

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Parental Age and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

In this study, both maternal and paternal age were independently associated with autism. ... read more »

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Why is Folic Acid Important for Pregnancy?

What is folic acid and what does it do? ... read more »

Most Searched Pregnancy Terms: Autocompletes & Autofills

Many people turn to the Web to find out what to expect when they’re expecting and according to a Google survey, new and expecting parents perform nearly 3x as many searches as non-parents. ... read more »

Book "Mommy IQ" Released From Rosie Pope and Amos Grunebaum

In October 2012, Rosie Pope, star of Bravo's Pregnant in Heels, published a book called "Mommy IQ."  ... read more »

Infant Mortality Statistics By Country

Learn the infant mortality rates around the world. See where each country ranks in infant mortality. ... read more »

Infant Mortality Statistics: Where Does Your Country Rank?

Learn statistics on infant mortality around the world. This chart outlines the stats on infant mortality country by country in numerical order. ... read more »

Eating the Placenta - Placentophagia

The placenta is a fetal organ consisting of an umbilical cord, membranes (chorion and amnion), and placental body. The placenta is a unique pregnancy organ which functions to sustain nutrition for the developing fetus. ... read more »

Births Statistics By Country

Learn the births statistics around the world, country by country. Find out how many babies are born each year and the country's birth rank. ... read more »

Pregnancy Safety: Perfluorinated Chemicals

Perfluorinated chemicals, also known as PFCs, are used in so many everyday household items it's almost impossible to avoid exposure. They're in food packaging, pesticides, and personal care products as well as carpets, clothing, and upholstery. ... read more »

Are Caffeine and Soda Safe to Consume During Pregnancy?

Are caffeine and soda safe to consume when trying to conceive and during pregnancy? How much caffeine is too much when trying to conceive and during pregnancy? ... read more »

What’s the Best Pregnancy and Fertility Website? babyMed!

Since 2000, babyMed, the popular pregnancy and fertility website, has been helping couples around the world get pregnant and have happy and healthy babies. ... read more »

BabyMed User Feeback

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Lead: Common Chemicals and Pregnancy Safety

Lead has a reputation for being the bad boy of environmental toxins but many people don't know why. The chemical structure of lead is similar to calcium, therefore it is stored in the bones and teeth, right alongside calcium. ... read more »

Pregnancy Safety: Organophosphate Pesticides

Once nerve agents of chemical warfare, organophosphates are now commonly used in agricultural pesticides that dust many of our industrial crops and are commonly used in home gardens, too. ... read more »

Pregnancy Weight Gain May Affect Baby's Future Weight

A mother's weight gain during pregnancy can affect her daughter's obesity rate even decades later. ... read more »

Births Statistics: Where Does Your Country Rank?

Find out where your country ranks in birth rate. This chart outlines the birth rates of countries in order. ... read more »

Which Vaccinations are Safe During Pregnancy?

Which vaccinations are safe during pregnancy and which are not? ... read more »

Vaccinations and Pregnancy Safety

Information about vaccinations and pregnancy safety - who should have them and when. ... read more »

Sperm Life - How Long Do Sperm Live?

Sperm usually die inside the vagina within less than an hour but they can survive inside the uterus for up to 5 days. ... read more »

Normal Progesterone Levels

What are normal progesterone levels? ... read more »

Vitamin B12 Preconception Decreases Malformations

Vitamin B12 preconception decreases malformations. ... read more »

Pelvic Pain Causes

Many women experience pelvic pain at some time during their lives and most of the time pelvic pain is just the normal functioning of the reproductive or other organs. But not all pelvic pain is normal. ... read more »

Septate Uterus

What is a septate uterus? A septate uterus may be diagnosed during a routine gynecological exam. However, sometimes it is not discovered until after a woman experiences reproductive problems. ... read more »

Periconception Health Affects Child's Disease Risk

A mother's health and diet just before and after conception could have an impact on a child's health in the long run, researchers say. ... read more »