Jewish Penicillin is a century old remedy for many ailments including the cold, stomach flu, etc. Another name for Jewish Penicillin is simply \"Chicken Soup\" which treats all Ailments. During pregnancy, when you have a cold, having a hot bowl of chicken soup or Jewish Penicillin will treat you quickly and get you on your feet.

Chilean Jewish Penicillin: Latin American Artichoke Soup with Chicken

No matter how chicken soup is cooked there is something magical about the effects on colds in pregnancy. Colds in pregnancy can last fewer days and women can suffer less with one bowl or many. ... read more »

Vietnam Jewish Penicillin: Chicken Soup with Cellophane Noodles

Life as a pregnant woman is full of changes including the inability to just take any over the counter medication to fight off colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

St. Petersburg Jewish Penicillin: Russian Chicken and Fresh Noodle Soup

Are you tired of trying to find over the counter medications to fight colds in pregnancy? Jewish Penicillin has been around for hundreds of years and many generations. ... read more »

Sighet Jewish Penicillin: Romanian Chicken Soup with Laurel Leaves

When the cold of winter sets in, chicken soup recipes are often sought out to treat colds in pregnancy and other illnesses. Jewish Penicillin recipes from Romania often include parsnip and laurel leaves. ... read more »

Seville Jewish Penicillin: Traditional Spanish Chicken Soup

Having a cold in pregnancy can slow you down dramatically. Chicken soup is proven to help make you feel better fast and Jewish Penicillin recipes have all the right ingredients for an easy to make soup to cure that cold in pregnancy fast. ... read more »

Sao Paulo Jewish Penicillin: Brazilian Chicken Soup with Tomatoes

Colds in pregnancy are nothing to worry about, but many women have lives and other children to worry about, leaving them very little time to rest and recuperate. This Brazilian recipe for Jewish Penicillin is the specific one commonly used in homes to treat colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Oslo Jewish Penicillin: Norwegian Chicken Soup with Apples

Being pregnant is hard enough on the body without having to fight colds in pregnancy. For more than 100 years, grandmothers have been serving Jewish Penicillin or chicken soup to pregnant women and children to fight colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

New York Jewish Penicillin: Chicken Soup from the Heartland of Jewish America

There are very few moments to look forward to when fighting colds in pregnancy. One is the small amount of time spent sipping some good, old-fashioned Jewish Penicillin. ... read more »

Moroccan Jewish Penicillin: Moroccan Chicken Soup with Zucchini

This Moroccan version of Jewish Penicillin takes a different angle compared to the thousands of other recipes to fight colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Lisbon Jewish Penicillin: Portuguese Chicken and Lemon Soup

The most common symptoms of a cold in pregnancy are fatigue, sneezing, and coughing. These symptoms can last a few days and up to a week or more. With Jewish Penicillin or chicken soup, women can fight the symptoms of cold in pregnancy and suffer less time. ... read more »

Istanbul Jewish Penicillin: Turkish Chicken, Yogurt and Mint Soup with Rice

Turkish cuisine is one of depth and flavor. When Turkish women want to treat colds in pregnancy, they turn to a classic Jewish Penicillin recipe with leeks, mint, and yogurt. This recipe is far different from western chicken soup recipes. ... read more »

Edinburgh Jewish Penicillin: Scottish Chicken Soup with Green Beans

Jewish Penicillin recipes have been around in Scotland for generations. The ingredients are all natural and offer a great boost of vitamins and nutrients, perfect for fighting colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Copenhagen Jewish Penicillin: Danish Chicken Soup with Meatballs

Pregnancy is a time of changes, markedly changes in how certain colds in pregnancy are treated. Jewish Penicillin recipes for chicken soup are a natural way to stop colds in pregnancy and keep pregnant women running strong. ... read more »

Buenos Aires Jewish Penicillin: Argentina Cazuela Gaucho Chicken Soup

Argentina is a country rich with heritage and Jewish Roots. The Jewish Penicillin recipe most common in Argentina is a stew based soup that is thicker than most chicken soups. ... read more »

Beijing Jewish Penicillin: Chinese Chicken Soup with Napa Cabbage

During World War II, Jews fled out of German-occupied countries to safe havens across the world. One such safe haven was China. ... read more »

Baghdad Jewish Penicillin: Iraqi Chicken Soup with Lemon

If you feel bad with a cold in pregnancy, you want a simple solution that requires no potentially dangerous medications. Chicken soup or Jewish Penicillin is the ideal treatment for colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Athens Jewish Penicillin: Greek Lemon and Rice Soup with Chicken and Tofu

Jewish Penicillin recipes with a Greek influence are some of the most sought after to this day. Greek food tends to have a one of a kind taste with hints of turmeric and dill. ... read more »

Amsterdam Jewish Penicillin: Quick and Easy Chicken Soup from the Netherlands

When fighting a cold in pregnancy, women want to make a chicken soup that is quick and easy. ... read more »

Amman Jewish Penicillin: Jordan Chicken and Vegetable Stew

Keeping mom healthy for baby is important. Colds in pregnancy do not stop because a woman is pregnant. Jewish Penicillin is represented in every culture and recipes are packed with vitamins and nutrients. ... read more »

Chicken Soup (Jewish Penicillin) Recipes

Chicken soup recipes aka Jewish Penicillin has many healing properties. Pregnant women with a cold who eat chicken soup suffer less time and milder symptoms. ... read more »

Teheran Jewish Penicillin: Iranian Chicken Soup with Barley (Ash-e-Jow)

Colds in pregnancy are not a reason to stay in bed while others are enjoying life. Chicken soup, also known as Jewish Penicillin, has been used for centuries to stop the symptoms of cold in pregnancy in their tracks ... read more »

Tel Aviv Israeli Jewish Penicillin

Israel is a thriving Jewish state that was a safe haven for the European Jewish population during World War II they love jewish penicillin chicken soup. ... read more »

Rome Jewish Penicillin - Italian Chicken and Barley Soup

There is nothing better than a hot cup of soup to soothe cold in pregnancy. Women are finding that this natural Jewish Penicillin is safe and effective for adults as well as children. ... read more »

Cologne Jewish Penicillin - German Chicken Soup

Cologne Jewish Penicillin is a dumpling dish with a hearty chicken soup base. The basic recipe does not include vegetables like celery or carrot, common in other Jewish Penicillin recipes. ... read more »

Warsaw Jewish Penicillin - Polish Chicken and Cabbage Soup

Pregnant women want instant relief from cold in pregnancy. Warsaw Jewish Penicillin offers a unique twist to the typical chicken soup recipe while retaining much of the classic flavor. ... read more »

Jerusalem Jewish Penicillin Grandmother’s Chicken Soup

Nowhere in the world are recipes for Jewish Penicillin Chicken Soup more abundant than in Israel and specifically in Jerusalem. ... read more »

Madrid Jewish Penicillin: Quick Spanish Chicken Soup

During pregnancy, women often try all natural means of fighting cold in pregnancy. Jewish Penicillin recipes like this Quick Spanish Chicken Soup are ideal for pregnant women. ... read more »

Prague Jewish Penicillin: Czech Style Chicken Noodle Soup

Living with a cold in pregnancy is not fun. Women who are pregnant cannot simply run out to the store and buy a rash of medications to treat symptoms. Instead, they need to choose medications selectively to use Jewish Penicillin ... read more »

Kiev Jewish Penicillin: Ukrainian Dark Chicken Soup

Pregnant women often find themselves fighting colds in pregnancy with a list of approved medications in hand. There are medications that can stop sneezing, coughing and other symptoms of cold in pregnancy, but none work like a good pot of Jewish Penicillin or chicken soup. ... read more »

Helsinki Jewish Penicillin: Finnish Chicken Summer Soup

Healing colds in pregnancy is something most pregnant women will have to deal with at one time or another. Chicken soup recipes often include vegetables and rich chicken stock packing tons of vitamins and nutrients in a simple to eat package. ... read more »

Havana Jewish Penicillin: Cuban Style Chicken Soup

Cuban Havanna Jewish Penicillin works to improve the immune system and kick colds out in a shorter amount of time when compared to just toughing out the cold in pregnancy ... read more »

Antwerp Jewish Penicillin: Belgian Waterzooi Chicken Soup

Belgian Jewish Penicillin (Waterzooi) is a chicken soup recipe perfect for lessening colds in pregnancy. As is common in many European countries, celery stalks are replaced with ribs and egg yolks are added. ... read more »

Dominican Jewish Penicillin: Classic Dominican Chicken Soup

There are Jewish Penicillin recipes from all over the world. This Dominican chicken soup recipe packs a unique flavor with a touch of exotic fruit to give a new taste to this treatment for colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Yemen Jewish Penicillin: Yemini Chicken Soup and Lachuh

World War II had no significant impact on Yemen, but following the war the majority of Jews in Yemen were deported to Israel during Operation Magic Carpet. ... read more »

Ethiopia Jewish Penicillin: Lentil Soup with Chicken

Jewish Penicillin is the first line of defense against colds in pregnancy. It is safe, healthy, effective and proven to decrease the time spent suffering. ... read more »

Shanghai Jewish Penicillin: Chinese Lotus and Chicken Soup

For many Jewish community members, fleeing to safe countries was the only way to survive World War II. China did not require a visa for people to pass into the country so many Jewish people chose to enter the country in hopes of surviving the Holocaust. ... read more »

Thailand Jewish Penicillin: Coco Chicken Soup With Mushrooms

Having the symptoms of a cold in pregnancy is not something women want to live with. While over the counter medications are safe in some cases, the side effects can include drowsiness and dry mouth. ... read more »