Jewish Penicillin is a century old remedy for many ailments including the cold, stomach flu, etc. Another name for Jewish Penicillin is simply \"Chicken Soup\" which treats all Ailments. During pregnancy, when you have a cold, having a hot bowl of chicken soup or Jewish Penicillin will treat you quickly and get you on your feet.

Rome Jewish Penicillin - Italian Chicken and Barley Soup

There is nothing better than a hot cup of soup to soothe cold in pregnancy. Women are finding that this natural Jewish Penicillin is safe and effective for adults as well as children. ... read more »

Lisbon Jewish Penicillin: Portuguese Chicken and Lemon Soup

The most common symptoms of a cold in pregnancy are fatigue, sneezing, and coughing. These symptoms can last a few days and up to a week or more. With Jewish Penicillin or chicken soup, women can fight the symptoms of cold in pregnancy and suffer less time. ... read more »

Baghdad Jewish Penicillin: Iraqi Chicken Soup with Lemon

If you feel bad with a cold in pregnancy, you want a simple solution that requires no potentially dangerous medications. Chicken soup or Jewish Penicillin is the ideal treatment for colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Amman Jewish Penicillin: Jordan Chicken and Vegetable Stew

Keeping mom healthy for baby is important. Colds in pregnancy do not stop because a woman is pregnant. Jewish Penicillin is represented in every culture and recipes are packed with vitamins and nutrients. ... read more »

Seville Jewish Penicillin: Traditional Spanish Chicken Soup

Having a cold in pregnancy can slow you down dramatically. Chicken soup is proven to help make you feel better fast and Jewish Penicillin recipes have all the right ingredients for an easy to make soup to cure that cold in pregnancy fast. ... read more »

Oslo Jewish Penicillin: Norwegian Chicken Soup with Apples

Being pregnant is hard enough on the body without having to fight colds in pregnancy. For more than 100 years, grandmothers have been serving Jewish Penicillin or chicken soup to pregnant women and children to fight colds in pregnancy. ... read more »

Chicken Soup (Jewish Penicillin) Recipes

Chicken soup recipes aka Jewish Penicillin has many healing properties. Pregnant women with a cold who eat chicken soup suffer less time and milder symptoms. ... read more »