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Contacts Lenses During Pregnancy

Wearing contacts during pregnancy is a safe choice. ... read more »

Callused Feet And Pregnancy

Callused feet can result from skin changes related to pregnancy hormones. Skin has a tendency to dry out more quickly while pregnant because of the intense fluid needs of the body. ... read more »

Skin Tags

Skin tags are common and are characterized by small growths that appear to hang off the skin. Skin tags during pregnancy are associated with increased hormone levels. ... read more »

Hair Perm Perming During Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones and longer processing time - thus a greater risk of chemical absorption through the scalp and into the bloodstream and thus come in contact with the fetus - make perming a bad idea. ... read more »

Facial Peels During Pregnancy - Safety and Precautions

Skin that is discolored or affected by acne during pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones can be smoothed with the use of a chemical facial peel which works by removing the outermost layers of skin. ... read more »

Are Pedicures Safe During Pregnancy

Pedicures are a safe and healthy way for a woman to feel beautiful during her pregnancy. Tools used during the pedicure should be sterilized prior to use in order to prevent infection. ... read more »

Botox During Pregnancy

A review of Botox (BtxA) during pregnancy did not recommend it's use during pregnancy and there is no clear association of fetal harm with maternal exposure to btxA injections. ... read more »

Dark Stained Teeth

Having dark stained teeth is common in a world of smoking, drinking red wine and drinking coffee. Teeth whitening takes only 30 minutes a day and can work wonders but home teeth whitening kits have not be thoroughly tested for use during pregnancy. ... read more »

Body Wraps

Body wraps involve the application of heated towels or wraps to specific areas of the body to melt away fat and treat aches and pains. They are not safe during pregnancy. ... read more »

Diet Pills During Pregnancy

Diet pills typically contain stimulants in order to achieve higher calorie burns. Diet pills are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are not safe for use during pregnancy. ... read more »

Can I Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax During Pregnancy?

Hair removal can be a serious concern for some pregnant women. Pregnancy hormones can increase hair thickness, speed of growth and darken hair so it appears thicker. ... read more »

Weight Gain

Pregnancy weight gain is a healthy part of fetal gestation. As the placenta forms, fluid is retained, blood volume increases, and the baby grows. With all of these changes, weight gain is expected. ... read more »

Linea Nigra During Pregnancy

The dark line that leads from the belly button to the pubic area is called linea nigra. This line appears in the second trimester of pregnancy. ... read more »

Pregnancy Feet: Your Guide to a Foot-Friendly Pregnancy

Shoes feeling a little snug lately? It's not your mind playing tricks on you, it's your feet: a pregnant woman's foot can increase a full size both in length and width during pregnancy. ... read more »

When to Work Out During Your Menstrual Cycle

For women who want to know when to work out during their menstrual period for best results, there could be a surprising answer. ... read more »

Pregnancy Glow: Polish it to Perfection

Some expectant mothers are so focused on their growing tummies that ittakes someone else to point out that pregnancy glow that radiates fromthem during this important time of life. It's more than joy andhappiness that paints the picture of health on mothers-to-be. ... read more »

Facing it: Your Pregnancy Skin

Everyone's always talking about that radiant pregnancy glow. What they keep to themselves are other not-so-radiant skin changes that can happen during pregnancy. Here's our guide to three skin ailments no one's talking about. ... read more »

Beauty Tips For Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring with it a brand-new set of beauty concerns. Is it safe to tan? Can I use a certain moisture cream? ... read more »

Is it safe to use cosmetic laser treatments during pregnancy?

Most laser therapy is relatively safe in patients who are pregnant when employed for the treatment of various medical conditions. There are, however, no studies were done that show it's safe to use lasers for cosmetic procedures during pregnancy and when trying to get pregnant. ... read more »

Bikini Waxing During Pregnancy

Bikini waxing in pregnancy is usually safe but could be associated with some pain. It is suggested that if you are planning to continue waxing through the entire pregnancy, begin in the early months. ... read more »

Can I Paint My Nails with Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

There have been no reported incidents of any adverse effects on the outcome of a healthy pregnancy due to manicures or pedicures. ... read more »

Is it Safe to Have My Labia Pierced?

If you are considering piercing your labia, it is recommended to wait until after delivery. ... read more »

Top Ten Tips On Shaving The Pubic Area

Shaving the pubic area is no longer taboo and is done by many women. More Women every day are doing this for healthy and sensual reasons. ... read more »

Getting a Tattoo in Pregnancy

Getting a new tattoo before or during pregnancy is not a good idea because during pregnancy there are significant skin changes which will have a negative effect on the tattoo. ... read more »

Acne During Pregnancy - How To Best Treat It

Hormonal changes during early pregnancy often result in acne inflammations. Find out why you may be more prone to acne when you're pregnant and what you can do about it. ... read more »

Are Tanning Beds Safe During Pregnancy

Tanning beds in pregnancy are unlikely to harm the fetus but may damage your skin. ... read more »