Maternity Fashion

Rosie Pope Maternity Fashion

Rosie Pope is the creative force behind Rosie Pope Maternity, her sophisticated maternity clothing and accessories line, and MomPrep prenatal, postpartum and parenting education studios.  ... read more »

Maternity Coats for Function and Style

Now that we're deep into what feels like a never-ending winter freeze (thank you, polar vortex!), so many women who come to my stores with one burning question: should I buy a winter maternity coat? ... read more »

Halloween Costumes When You're About To Be a "Mummy"

Finding the perfect Halloween costume takes on a whole new twist when you're pregnant. And there are a slew of ways to go completely wrong. Fortunately, you can avoid almost all problems ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Chic Wedding Styles for Moms-to-Be

Wedding season is upon us, and while your vision may not typically include swollen ankles and a 49-inch waist, there are plenty of ways to look chic and feel great. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: The Not-so-Flat Shoe

The flat shoe is not flat at all! Join the flat shoe parade this spring and experiment with the wide variety of choices. Buying shoes you love is exciting, so don't deprive yourself of this just because your feet have swelled up a bit. ... read more »

Clothing and Fetal Safety

Finding the right pregnancy clothes can be a difficult task, especially when you'll need exercise clothes, business clothes, dress clothes, and don't forget jackets and coats! ... read more »

Fall Maternity Fashion Guide for the Expectant Mom

New York City in the fall always inspires me - from back to school to fall fashion, there is a lot of energy in the air. While I would love to indulge in all of Fall's fun trends in my designs, I understand what works and what doesn't on the pregnant form. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Beanie Baby

One of the biggest trends to hit the streets this year was the beanie hat. The beanie allows you to stay warm while looking cool and playful. This chic oversized hat was one of my favorite winter trends this year and is a trend that will definitely remain. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Let's Hear it For the Boys

When it comes to fashion that's borrowed from the boys, blazers, button-down shirts, oversized sweaters and denim top my list of favorites. These pieces are essential for every pregnant woman's wardrobe. ... read more »

History Of Maternity Clothing, Fashion, And Culture

Maternity clothing in history is a reflection of the fashion and culture in which women lived at the time whether it be, for example, confining corsets or large tent-like garments that hid their pregnancies. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Shine On

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to give up your style and fashion sense. Pregnancy is a time to shine, so it's fitting that one of the biggest trends to hit the runways this season was metallic. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: These Boots Were Made For Walking

Update your everyday boot this spring with the insanely cool, cut-out moto boot. Boots aren't just for winter anymore, these boots have a laid back, deconstructed look that is perfect for warmer weather! ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Color Block Party

You no longer have to settle for wearing just one of your favorite colors at once; this spring join the color blocking party and have fun wearing multiple favorites all at once. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Flower Power

Spring is finally here and I am so excited for the flowers to bloom! Flowers have the ability to make everything happier and brighter. Luckily, one of the biggest trends to hit the runways this season is head to toe floral. ... read more »

How to Shop for Maternity Clothes

No matter how fashion savvy or confident you feel about your clothes, something happens when you become pregnant and it feels as though you are in a whole new world, losing your previous sense of fashion and bewildered at what to buy. ... read more »

Rosie Pope’s Do’s and Don’ts of Maternity Fashion

I am a firm believer in the 'look good, feel good' philosophy,especially during pregnancy & motherhood - happy mom = happy baby!That being said, shopping for maternity wear can be very overwhelming(and emotional!), so I've outlined my general guidelines in a do's anddon't list. ... read more »

Rosie Pope's 10 Fashion Essentials for a Maternity Wardrobe

When thinking about your maternity wardrobe and the budget you have to work with, their are some key pieces that should be part of every maternity collection. ... read more »

Rosie Pope: Pregnant in Heels or Pregnant in Flats?

What I am passionate about is pregnant woman feeling good about themselves and sometimes that means throwing on a good pair of heels...but only if you know how to walk in them in the first place! ... read more »

Finding Good Maternity Wear and Pregnancy Clothes

Maternity fashion today is at the peak of style. Women have more choices for maternity wear than ever before from business suits to skinny jeans to bathing suits, all created with baby bump in mind. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Drawstring Pants for Comfort and Style

Add a little athletic chic to your wardrobe with the drawstring pant.Drawstring pants are a great alternative to the comfortable sweatpantsthat you're used to putting on everyday. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: 90s Grunge Look is Back!

What goes around comes around, and the 90's grunge look is back! ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: The Vest

Many of the spring fashion collections featured simple looks layered with a vest. The vest is a great way to add interest to your outfit and is a perfect way to layer. Give your everyday style a little edge. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Button Down and Go!

The button down is comfortable and easy to put on for those days when you have five minutes to get dressed, and the last thing you want to think about is what you should wear! ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Jump on the Overall Bandwagon

Some people say overalls are for farmers and babies, I say not true! Overalls, if done right can look edgy and completely fashionable. I love overalls during pregnancy, they look so cute and more put together than leggings and a t-shirt. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Tunic Time

The tunic is a piece of must-have maternity wear that makes getting through those nine months a little easier. Tunics provide plenty of space for that growing belly and are the perfect length to cover your hips and bottom. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: Let it Flow

Nothing says summer like a lightweight, airy, flowy dress. Every woman should have a collection of easy summertime dresses in their closet, especially when pregnant! Whether they are short or long, nothing is easier or more comfortable than a loose fitting flowy dress. ... read more »

Pregnancy Fashion: A Pop of Pastel

Kick off spring with yummy, sweet, delicate and delicious pastel colors like fresh mint, lilac, apricot and lemony sorbet. Pastel tones are so refreshing for spring and are a great way to revamp your wardrobe. ... read more »

Skirts During Pregnancy

Wearing skirts during pregnancy is acceptable as long as the skirts do not fit tightly or cut off circulation to the growing fetus. Pregnancy and maternity skirts are available with stretchy waistbands to accommodate the enlarging uterus throughout the 40 weeks of gestation. ... read more »

Switching From High Heels to Flats During Pregnancy

Sure, every woman wants to look and feel sexy while pregnant, but there are safer ways to do that than wearing high heeled shoes. ... read more »