Maternity leave is defined as the period of time when a woman woman takes time off from work to have and take care of her baby. Employers cannot legally deny a woman maternity leave; however, different states have different requirements as far as how long an employer must legally allow for maternity leave.

Maternity Leave When Adopting

State laws and employer policies differ from one state to the next when you adopt a baby. ... read more »

Can My Husband Take Paternity Leave?

There are no short term disability options available for fathers who want to take time off for the birth of a child. According to the FMLA, fathers are allowed to take up to 12 weeks unpaid leave. ... read more »

Important Contacts Before Taking Maternity Leave

When you do decide to reveal your pregnancy to your employer, you need to make a list of important contacts within the company and your personal prenatal care to ensure you know whom to contact when the pregnancy nears the due date. ... read more »