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    The pill, birth control and contraception

    Will the Birth Control Pill Cause Infertility if I Take it for a Long Time?

     The birth control pill has been around for decades and despite clinical study and assurance from the prescribing physician, women continue to hear negative rumors about possible side effects of taking the pill. ... more »

    Choosing the Right Combination Birth Control Pill

    Combination birth control pills contain both progestin and estrogen. There are various types of progestin used in combination birth control pills giving women a wide selection. ... more »

    Birth Control Pill: Withdrawal Bleeding

    The birth control pill contains active and inactive hormone pills. Active hormone pills prevent ovulation as well as the lining of the uterus from thickening. ... more »

    Tips for Safely Storing the Pill

    The pill need to be stored safely to maintain integrity and efficacy. You may think throwing your bathroom cabinet or purse is the ideal, but those places could be the worst for storing the pill. ... more »

    Common Myths About the Birth Control Pill

    The birth control pill has been around for decades; despite clinical study and assurance from the prescribing physician, women continue to hear myths about potential side effects of taking the pill. ... more »

    Will I Get Pregnant if I Have Sex In Between Two Pill Packs?

    As long as you take your birth control pills regularly, there is little risk of pregnancy if you have unprotected sex while taking the inactive pills in your birth control pack. ... more »

    Why Does My Period Always Come at the End of the White Pills and Not the Beginning?

    Menstrual cycles tend to be shorter when you're taking birth control pills and your cycle is controlled by the active hormones in the 21 colored pills. ... more »

    What Foods Interfere With the Pill?

    Birth control pills often deliver estrogen to the body in doses high enough to stop ovulation. Some foods also contain estrogen. This brings up the question of foods that could interfere with birth control pills and the effectiveness of those pills. ... more »

    How Long Do I Have to Wait After I Stop Taking the Pill in Order to Get Pregnant?

    The birth control pill has been around for more than 40 years. Thebirth control pill, commonly referred to as simply 'the pill,' supplieshormones to the body, preventing ovulation, altering the lining of theuterus and altering cervical mucus. ... more »

    Will I Get Pregnant if I Have Sex During My Period?

    You would think with the body expelling the uterine lining during your menstrual cycle that sex during menstruation should be the safest time to go unprotected, but that is not the case. ... more »

    I Started a New Brand of Pill and My Period Changed. Why?

    Birth control pills utilize hormones to regulate ovulation and therefore may change the menstrual cycle. After using one birth control prescription for a while your body adjusts to the hormones and you establish a more regular menstrual cycle. ... more »

    When is My Period Supposed to Come?

    A woman's menstrual cycle, or period, generally takes 28 to 32 daysto complete. There are some women who have shorter cycles and some whohave longer cycles. The only way to determine your cycle length is totrack your periods on a calendar. ... more »

    Do My Chances of Getting Pregnant Decrease if I Have Been on the Pill for Many Years?

    There is no evidence birth control reduces fertility. Clinical studieshave suggested that pregnancy rates after long-term birth control useare nearly identical to those in women who've never taken birth control. ... more »

    Do I Ovulate When on the Pill?

    The way most birth control pills work is by preventing ovulation. Birth control pills are formulated with a combination of estrogen and progesterone or progesterone only. During a normal fertility cycle, estrogen peaks at the middle signaling the pituitary gland to release hormones that tell the ovaries to mature and release an egg. ... more »

    How to Get Pregnant After The Pill and Other Birth Control

    It is safe to get pregnant as soon as you stop birth control, stop the pill, or have the IUD removed? Getting pregnant after birth control is not as complicated as many believe. ... more »

    Fertility and TTC After Birth Control

    When and how to get pregnant after birth control depends on what type of birth control you were using. You can get pregnant as soon as your body is ovulating again. ... more »

    Birth Control Pill Affects Partner's Choice

    There could be a link between birth control and a woman's ability to secure and keep her selected partners. This link could lead to difficulty reproducing. ... more »

    When Can I Get Pregnant After Stopping the Pill?

    When can I get pregnant after stopping the pill? ... more »

    After the Pill - Bleeding Irregularly

    I stopped the pill two months ago but am bleeding irregularly. What does this mean? ... more »

    Light Menstrual Periods

    After the pill my menstrual periods are light ... more »

    Getting Pregnant while on the Pill

    Can I get pregnant while on the pill? ... more »

    When to See the Doctor After the Pill

    I haven't had my period since I stopped the pill four months ago, should I see a doctor? ... more »

    Getting Pregnant after the Pill

    How long after the pill should we wait before getting pregnant? ... more »