Pregnancy is a time when safety is at the top of your mind. You naturally want to protect and safeguard your growing baby throughout pregnancy, but what activities, sports, food, and beauty routines are safe for you and your baby? There is often conflicting opinion but we've collected expert advice on various safety topics during pregnancy. Read on!

Is It Safe To Consume Creatine When TTC?

My husband and I are into weight lifting. We usually take supplements like creatine and a protein drink. Is the creatine found in shakes safe when trying to conceive (TTC)? ... read more »

Are Thermogenics Safe During Pregnancy?

Can I thermogenic supplements during pregnancy? The best selling thermogenic formulas are combinations of two drugs: caffeine and ephedrine... ... read more »

Pregnant: Can I Clean Our Birdcage?

There are so many pregnancy do's and don'ts, especially surrounding pets. One woman asks about safety regarding her pet bird. "Can I clean our birdcage?" ... read more »

Computers and Pregnancy

Can working on computers hurt my baby? ... read more »

Categories Of Medications Given During Pregnancy

Medications fall into certain categories which signify how harmful a drug might be during pregnancy. Drugs are categorized into category A, B, C, D, or X. ... read more »

Is Your Antibiotic Safe During Pregnancy?

Which antibiotics are safe during pregnancy? Every antibiotic is made with different ingredients, so will have different effects on mom and baby. Find out about the antibiotic you have been prescribed ... read more »

Is it Safe to Use a Vibrator During Pregnancy?

There are no scientific studies which address whether using a vibrator during pregnancy is safe or not. For for most normal, healthy pregnant women, orgasm is a good release. ... read more »

Dryer Sheets And Pregnancy

Dryer sheets are slathered in chemicals, which do have the potential to transform with the extreme heat of the dryer. You want to be extra careful when you’re pregnant but do you have to stop using dryer sheets? ... read more »

Lead and Pregnancy

Lead can be harmful to everyone. However, it is especially harmful to young children and pregnant women. ... read more »


A medical emergency is an injury or illness that is acute and poses an immediate risk to a person's life or long term health. Emergencies often require assistance from other persons, although some emergencies can be dealt with by the person with the emergency themselve. ... read more »