How do exercise, sports, travel, and leisure affect the pregnancy

Hot Tubs and TTC

Does going into a hot tub while TTC pose a risk for men? ... read more »

Swimming in Oceans, Lakes and Rivers When Pregnant

Unlike swimming pools, oceans, lakes, and rivers are not treated to remove dangerous bacteria and germs, leaving many pregnant women wondering about the safety of swimming in open waters. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Be At A High Altitude During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to be at a high altitude during pregnancy? There is limited data on the actual impact of high altitude during pregnancy ... ... read more »

What To Do During a Babymoon

There are no rules for a babymoon, just as there were no rules about what to do on a honeymoon. These intimate retreats are meant to celebrate the unique but private lives you've built together. ... read more »

Quiz: Which Sports Are Safe During Pregnancy?

There are many sports that you can do right up until the end of pregnancy. ... read more »

Is Spinning Safe During Pregnancy?

It's essential to keep your balance. ... read more »

Five Great Hobbies During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be the perfect time of to give yourself the gift of learning something new. While you're pregnant, it's easy to lose track of who you are because suddenly your boundaries have changed and you have to care for two. ... read more »

Ten Tips for Flying Safely

If you're going to be stuck on a cramped plane for hours, it's a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movements. Cotton is a safe choice, and a simple outfit will guarantee that you still look chic.  ... read more »

Tips for Business Travel During Pregnancy

Think in terms of your basic physical needs: the first one to consider is food and water. Particularly when you're working on a team, or having meals or drinks with colleagues on a schedule you don't control, ... read more »

Travel Safety During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it's generally safe for pregnant women to travel safely, but some precautions must be taken as to the places of travel and circumstances. ... read more »

Is It Safe to Fly During Pregnancy?

Flying can be safe in pregnancy as long as you take certain precautions. Air travel can be very tiring, and there are several suggestions to make it less stressful. ... read more »

Flying is OK for Most Pregnant Women

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), most women are fully capable of flying during their pregnancies without any harm to baby or mom. ... read more »

How to Travel During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Most pregnant women should have no concerns traveling during pregnancy. There are certain tips to help make your trip the safest and most comfortable it can be. ... read more »

Traveling in Pregnancy

Generally, as long as there are no complications or difficulties during your pregnancy, you are safe to travel during pregnancy at any time.  There are a few concerns with your travel, mostly in terms of comfort and convenience for you and the baby. ... read more »

Sports and Activities During Pregnancy Guide

How to modify sports activities to keep you and your baby healthy. ... read more »

Is a Rollercoaster Ride Safe During Pregnancy?

When you take a roller coaster ride there are usually big signs posted everywhere: DON'T USE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! Only you can decide whether you want to ignore this warning or not. ... read more »

Mountain Biking During Pregnancy

Working out in a structured exercise program is beneficial to you whether you be expecting or not, and unless there are certain complications in pregnancy, she can exercise. ... read more »

Is it Safe to Swim During Pregnancy?

Swimming is a low-intensity workout that allows the pregnant woman to relieve lower back strain. Besides reveling in the feeling of weightlessness, swimming provides various health benefits during pregnancy. ... read more »

Sports in Pregnancy

What sports and exercise are safe to do during pregnancy? ... read more »

Hang Gliding During Pregnancy

Can I go hang gliding during pregnancy? ... read more »


I am 12 weeks pregnant, can I continue to jog? ... read more »

Running and TTC

Does running interfere with me getting pregnant? ... read more »

Swimming and Water Safety During Pregnancy

Swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women. Both women who exercised prior to pregnancy and those who chose to start exercising after finding out they were pregnant can safely enjoy swimming, ... read more »

5 Best Exercises to Enjoy During Pregnancy

Benefits to exercising wisely throughout pregnancy include increased energy, good mood, better sleep, stronger muscles, an easier delivery, and fewer pregnancy pounds to lose later. ... read more »

Pilates Exercises for Pregnancy

Doing Pilates during pregnancy can strengthen your tummy and pelvic floor muscles. It’ll reduce back pain, improve balance, and foster relaxation. ... read more »

When to Work Out While Pregnant

Most pregnant women are encouraged to exercise from pre-conception through labor, but there are some exceptions to the rule. ... read more »

Recreational Water Illnesses and Pregnancy

Recreational water illnesses are on the rise. According to the CDC, from 2004 to 2010 a 200% increase in illnesses associated with germs found in swimming pools has been reported. ... read more »

Common Recreational Water Illnesses

Recreational water illnesses are contracted when pregnant and non-pregnant swimmers come in contact with germs present in treated and untreated water. Germs pose the highest risk to swimmers with impaired immune function, including pregnant women. ... read more »

Recreational Water Activities During Pregnancy

For most pregnant women, spending time on the open water is a safe activity, but preventing injury and reducing dangers associated with recreational water activities is important for everyone involved. ... read more »

Preventing Recreational Water Illness During Pregnancy

The summer months mean public pools, private pools, lakes, oceans, and river excursions. But water can be contaminated with germs that cause illness. ... read more »

Swimming and Pregnancy

Pregnant women are perfect candidates for swimming, but as is the case with any exercise, there are limitations and safety issues that must be considered. ... read more »

Three Tips for Ensuring a Healthy Swimming Environment During Pregnancy

Germs present in pool waters can cause recreational water illnesses. While public pools are typically chlorinated, many public pools fail inspections and are immediately shut down for maintenance when chlorine and pH levels test below or above normal. ... read more »

Safer Swimming During Pregnancy: Fast Facts

When it comes to safer swimming during pregnancy, one of the best tools pregnant women can have is knowledge.  Pregnant women must understand the real risk of swimming in untreated or mistreated pools, oceans, lakes and rivers. ... read more »

Spas and Hot Tubs

Always ake a few moments to review hot tub and spa safety precautions, maintenance and testing to ensure the safety of all family members. ... read more »

How Safe are Hot Tubs in Pregnancy?

A warm bath, with a temperature of less than 100°F, is safe and sufficient for relaxing, as long as you are not overheated. ... read more »

Loud Music And Rock Concerts Noise Exposure During Pregnancy

There have been no studies done to confirm loud music, such as that found at concerts, damage an unborn baby. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Kickbox During Pregnancy?

Kickboxing is a contact sport combining martial arts kicks with boxing moves and may be dangerous for pregnant women. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Tennis During Pregnancy?

Conflicting reports about playing games such as tennis can be confusing, but here are some guidelines that will help you to decide if playing tennis during your pregnancy is safe. ... read more »

Exercise Hormone Destroys Worst Fat Cells

Some people really enjoy exercising but most of us, probably not. We understand the need for it and most of us intend to do more but we find distractions and make excuses instead. A new study, however, may provide incentive than any we’ve ever heard before. ... read more »

Is Boxing Safe During Pregnancy?

Boxing is a great aerobic activity, and its popularity is increasing. Boxing is an ideal stress reliever (what other sport allows you to punch your way to serenity?). But is boxing safe during pregnancy? ... read more »

Bumper Car Riding in Pregnancy

While you may want to enjoy a night out at an amusement park while you are pregnant, it is advisable that you stay away from harsh rides including bumper cars. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Baseball And Softball During Pregnancy?

Baseball and softball are very popular spring and summer sports. Many women have grown up playing the sport in high school or college and then gravitated toward neighborhood teams as adults.  Some women enjoy the competitive aspect of the game while others revel in the regular camaraderie within the team. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Bicycle During Pregnancy?

Working out in a structured exercise program is beneficial to you whether you are expecting or not. Unless you have pregnancy complications, have a high-risk pregnancy, or your doctor/midwife has immediate concerns regarding exercise, you can feel free to continue enjoying physical activity and exercise as long as you are careful. ... read more »