Strange pregnancies happen a lot. They are often not just tales but true. They include mothers with strange symptoms such as hiccups and babies born with different medical conditions.

Impact of Pregnancy Pact on High School Students

The Pregnancy Pact is the name of a T.V. movie based on the true story of a group of teenagers from Gloucester, Massachusetts who made a pact to become pregnant together. Making a pregnancy pact is a trend that has spread across the United States and contributes to the growing number of teen pregnancies. ... read more »

True Human Tail - Vestigial Tail

All humans are created with a small tail that is later absorbed by the body and developed into the tailbone. ... read more »

Pregnancy After Menopause: Is It Possible?

Menopause is seen as a time a woman’s life when she is no longer able to bear children because of the change in hormones throughout the body. So what does it mean when a woman gets pregnant? ... read more »

Healthy Baby Born from Rare Abdominal Pregnancy

Abdominal pregnancy is a rare and dangerous medical condition that is easy to miss during routine ultrasound exams. ... read more »

What Is An Imaginary Pregnancy?

What is an imaginary pregnancy (pseudocyesis)? Pseudopregnancy is a false pregnancy, although a woman has many signs and symptoms of an actual pregnancy. ... read more »

Different Types of Pregnancies

While pregnancy may seem like a simple term, there are different types of pregnancies. Most are a result of physical differences but some are related to multiple egg release, among other reasons. ... read more »

Top strange pregnancy world records

Youngest mother ever reported  ... read more »

Parasitic Twin and Vanishing Twin Syndrome

A parasitic twin and a vanishing twin are similar and they are close to conjoined twins. In a parasitic twin the individual may be merged with another. ... read more »

Congenital Hypertrichosis - Wolf Baby

The conditions manifest as hair growing all over the face and back of the body. This hair is not normal hair, but resembles more closely the fur on an animal's body. ... read more »