What Are X-Rays?

 X-rays are a form of radiation. This kind of radiation is invisible. X-rays are used to make "pictures" of the bones and organs. ... read more »

Factors Affecting Radiation and X-Rays In Pregnancy

Most diagnostic X-rays have radiation levels too low to hurt the pregnancy. The following are among the important factors ... read more »

X-rays in Pregnancy: How Safe Are They?

X-rays are generally safe in pregnancy. If your doctor finds you need x-rays for a medical problem or injury, it's OK to have them. ... read more »

Are Diagnostic and Therapeutic X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?

Are diagnostic and therapeutic x-rays safe during pregnancy? ... read more »

Is Radiation Harmful During Pregnancy?

Diagnostic radiation does not harm the pregnancy, though you should not have unnecessary radiation during pregnancy. ... read more »

X-rays and Pregnancy Safety

X-rays done to check for certain conditions. Diagnostic x-rays are generally safe in pregnancy while therapeutic x-rays may not be safe. ... read more »

Amount of Radiation in X-rays

There are diagnostic x-rays and therapeutic x-rays. In general, medical x-rays done to check for certain conditions are also called 'diagnostic x-rays.' ... read more »

Chest X-ray and Pregnancy

Are chest x-rays safe during pregnancy? ... read more »

Alternative to X-rays

Are there alternatives to x-rays during pregnancy? ... read more »