New babies are always an exciting time for everyone. They bring so much joy and excitement to a family. However, babies are completely helpless. Babies cannot feed him/herself; he/she cannot change him/herslf; he/she cannot dress him/herself. There is nothing a new baby can do except eat when food is presented to him, and cry when he/she needs something. For this reason, it is incredibly important to be prepared for your new baby. By having the right gear for your new baby, caring for him/her can be a simple matter of simply providing for his/her needs. If you do not have the right gear, it can be a frustrating battle to attempt to get the gear while handling a screaming baby.

New babies have few real needs. Food, a clean diaper, sleep, and plenty of love are just about all the needs of a new baby. By providing for these needs, the baby can be happy and healthy, which makes for a quiet and happy household. Everything else is simply an extra that is nice to have, but not as necessary. 

If you do not intend upon breastfeeding your baby, providing food in the form of baby formula is necessary. To help ensure that there is always plenty of food available, it is a good idea to purchase extra baby formula. If you are buying baby formula for the first time, it is wise to buy several different types of formula to ensure that the baby likes one of those formulas and does not go hungry for the first day of life at home. 

Clean diapers are essential to the happiness and health of the baby as well as the happiness of the household. This vital piece of gear should be bought so that there is always one extra unopened pack of diapers in the house. This helps to avoid the potential of running out of diapers in an inopportune time. It is important to remember that the expensive diapers are the same as the cheap diapers, just that they cost more.  It may be beneficial to buy the cheaper diapers and it will be more cost effective. It is also a good idea to buy the right size diaper, as a diaper that is either too big or too small will not function properly. 

Sleeping is a big part of a new baby’s life. To get the proper sleep, the baby needs to be warm and secure. The best way to keep the baby warm and secure is to dress the baby warmly and to wrap him up in a blanket. The proper clothing can be acquired well in advance to the arrival of the baby, as well as the blankets. It is possible to buy all the clothing for the baby’s first year a year before the baby arrives. 

By satisfying the basic needs of the baby with the proper baby gear, one can afford to raise the baby well and cost effectively. As stated, everything else is just extras. The baby does not need a fancy crib. The baby does not need a fancy play pen, a simple blanket on the floor works great. Fancy toys often are over looked for their boxes. All these are just fun little extras that one can get once they satisfy the needs of the baby’s gear.