Whether it’s decades-old or a new-age classic, Disney never fails to stir up a warm, reminiscent feeling in all of us. If you’re looking for baby name inspo, your favorite fictional stars are your best bet! 

1. Peter: If you want to keep your little guy young forever, look no further. Peter Pan knows a trick or two. (Film: Peter Pan)

2. Ariel: Not exclusive for redheads, by the way! (Film: The Little Mermaid)

3. Willow: A whimsical and dreamy pick from Pocahontas. We adore the wisdom behind this character! (Film: Pocahontas)

4. Faline: Remember Bambi’s love interest? Us too. Unique and just outright adorable. (Film: Bambi)

5. Belle: What would this list be without an ode to Beauty and the Beast?  (Film: Beauty and the Beast)

6. Ella: Cinderella’s real name was actually Ella. The more you know… (Film: Cinderella)

7. Jessie: Toy Story fans, this might be a better option than Woody!  (Film: Toy Story)

8. Moana: Disney classics aren’t limited to films from the 90’s. We love our modern classics just the same! This pick means “ocean” in Hawaiian, and technically can be used for both genders. (Film: Moana)

9. Robin: Another name that works for both boys and girls, plus the spelling can be varied to reflect personal preference. (Film: Robin Hood)

10. Elsa: Winter baby on the way? She’ll probably want to build a snowman... (Film: Frozen)

11. Aladdin: This one speaks for itself (Film: Aladdin)

12. Violet: An *incredible* choice, if we do say so ourselves. First birthday present? Tell family and friends that a super suit will do! (Film: The Incredibles)

13. Flynn: Tangled up in an ever-growing list of baby names? Move this one to the top, your little guy will rock it! (Film: Tangled)

14. Buzz: Going for something fun and playful? This Toy Story tribute will do the trick. Named after a courageous character, what’s better than that? (Film: Toy Story)

15. Dash: For a little guy with a need for speed! (Film: The Incredibles)

16. Eric: Admit it mama, your first film crush was totally Prince Eric… (Film: The Little Mermaid)

17. Gus: Cinderella’s loyal and brave sidekick deserves some love too. (Film: Cinderella)

18. Merida: A pick from the new-age classic Brave, this unique name embodies bravery like no other. (Film: Brave)

19. Sulley: The loveable monster with a big heart. We love this uncommon yet adorable name! (Film: Monsters Inc.)

20. Tiana: We love a go-getting gal like our friend from The Princess and the Frog! (Film: The Princess and the Frog)

21. Collette: A French-esque pick from the Disney movie that put France on the map! (Film: Ratatouille)

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