Got a sweet tooth? Us too. When your bundle of joy arrives, let them know just how sweet they are with these adorable baby name picks. You’ll want to add these to both your baby name and grocery lists this week!

Kit: How do Kit-Kat bars always hit the spot? We adore how short and simple this name is!
Chip: With this name, it’s nearly impossible your little boy won’t love chocolate chip cookies…
Angel: Ah, angel food cake. A simple pleasure! But that’s not all; this name also means “divine messenger”.
Ginger: If Christmas cookies are a fan favorite of yours, this pick is an adorable way to honor that. Plus it’s better than naming baby “Gingerbread”...
Graham: A more common name choice, it reminds us of summertime s’mores!
Rocky: Rocky Road, anyone? A unique flavor and even more unique name that can be used for both boys and girls.
Heath: While the late actor is enough of a baby name inspiration, don’t forget how sweet a Heath bar tastes after a long day!

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