A cesarean scar defect (CSD), is also known as a "deficient uterine scar" or "scar dehiscence" following a Cesarean delivery.
Oh the joys of being a woman:  periods, monthly mood swings, lumpy breasts, and for many, recurrent Urinary Tract Infections! UTI’s account for nearly one in four bacterial infections in women, over 50% of us will develop a UTI in our lifetime. It has long been said that cranberries are good for UTIs but new research suggests that this may be little more than an old wives’ tale.
Self care after birth begins with taking personal responsibility and becoming proactive. Start saying to yourself “I deserve to be happy and healthy”, “I will make time for myself today” or “I need to be healthy for my child” .
I am finally in love with mothering. Finally. Finally. It's been 14 months since my daughter was born and it is only now that I can say I enjoy and embrace my role as a mother. Only now.
I stare down at her and I am filled with fury. Fury that she has wrecked my world. Despair, because I have to live in this hellish new reality. Resentful, that she needs me so much.
The name postpartum “depression” can be misleading because sometimes postpartum depression doesn't manifest as typical feeling "down" depression.
If 90% of US mothers breastfed their babies it would prevent 14,000 heart attacks in women per year.
Ask for what you need. This is often difficult for new parents, but if friends and family offer to help, ask them for specific favors.
Once upon a time... there was a very judgmental birth doula.
In traditional cultures around the world, new mothers observe a lying in period for weeks after they give birth. During this time they rest and recover from birth, nurse their babies, and eat nutritious foods.
“The best way to learn to do something is to hang around people who are already successful at what you want to do. Ergo, if you want to breastfeed, La Leche League (LLL) meetings are a great place to be!”
One nagging problem that some women face after their cesarean section is incessant itching all over their skin.
Few people talk about the healing time your body will need after birth because the focus tends to go all to your adorable new baby, but you need to make sure you take the time to let it heal. Birth will take its toll, and you’ll probably be sore from head to toe afterwards. What’s more, you might have tears in your vagina from the pushing or an episiotomy.