When You Should Try a Pregnancy Pillow

Once you start showing during your pregnancy, everyone will start telling you to get some sleep now while you still can. After delivery, you’ll spend every night rushing back and forth from your bed to the crib with little shut-eye. While you might take this advice seriously, it’s certainly easier said than done. Sleeping with your baby bump can be extremely difficult, and no matter what home remedies you try for a restful night, you still might toss and turn. Some women can’t sleep because every position is painful. If you’re having problems like these, studies show that the use of a pregnancy pillow might help.

You don’t have to go out and buy and expensive pillow designed specifically for pregnancy. If cost is holding you back, you should try using one of your own pillows, or buy a cheap, large regular pillow to help. Tuck the pillow between your bent knees as you lay on your side. When you’re pregnant, the width of your hips increases. Therefore, though lying on your side might be comfortable otherwise, it puts a lot of strain on the hips because the leg that is on the top ends up angled down in an awkward position. The pillow will keep your hips separated at their standing position. A recent study shows that a pillow in this position during sleep also helps with general pelvic girdle pain through the rest of pregnancy because everything stays more in place. You should also try putting a pillow behind your back if you move a lot during your sleep. That way, you won’t wake up contorted out of your original position.

While regular pillow will do the job, you should consider investing in a pregnancy pillow if you can fit it into your budget. These are made for pregnant bodies, so they offer additional support such as belly support and a recline option. They are usually c-shaped or u-shaped and you can find them in most pregnancy stores.

It’s not uncommon to have trouble sleeping during your pregnancy. If your inability to fall into a restful slumber has anything to do with your discomfort in bed, you should definitely try sleeping with a pillow strategically placed between your knees. You’ll be able to stay asleep longer, and you’ll wake up feeling rested. Daytime back pain and pelvic pain might also be alleviated from the more comfortable resting position.

Source: Era Vermani et al: Pelvic Girdle Pain and Low Back Pain in Pregnancy. Pain Practice Volume 10 Issue 1 pp. 60-71 February 2010