Breastfeeding BenefitsAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), breastfeeding provides all the nutrition babies need in an easy-to-digest fluid. The breastfeeding woman also benefits as those who choose this feeding option tend to have lower rates of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The fact remains that breastfeeding is the best method of feeding for both the woman and her baby. The CDC is on a mission to increase the number of women who choose breastfeeding over bottle feeding, so their website provides tons of clinical information on the lasting benefits for the breastfeeding woman and her growing baby.

Giving the Baby What They Need

Breast milk is the perfect fluid for a baby. All calories, fat, vitamins and minerals a baby needs are packed into a fluid that tastes great and is naturally warmed to perfection. What’s more important is the antibodies a baby receives from the woman through her breastmilk. Babies who breastfeed, for even a small amount of time, are protected from bacterial infections and viral infections.

Free is Great

Breast milk is the only free option for feeding a baby. Breast milk is naturally produced in the female body and the nipples are ready and waiting to feed from the first moments after birth. For the first few weeks, the woman's milk supply will vary. Breasts may grow to an extremely large size, holding more milk than baby needs, and then supplies will fall off to just enough. But no matter how much milk is produced by the breast, it never costs a dime.

When Enough is Not Enough

While breastfeeding is considered healthier for a baby because of the cells, hormones and antibodies passed to them through breast milk, a woman should not feel guilty if she cannot produce enough milk. Formula is a good alternative and a woman always has the option of pumping milk from her breast and mixing it with formula so that she can still pass along breast milk to her baby.