planning-baby-shower.jpgBaby showers during pregnancy are a rite of passage. Pregnant women are lavished with gifts for mom and baby, while enjoying some relaxing times with friends and family members. Typically a baby shower takes place during the latter weeks of the pregnancy, which means pregnant women may feel heavy, swollen and bloated. When planning a baby shower, it is important to keep the pregnant women and her health in mind and to make sure to eat only safe foods.

Choose Healthy Foods that are Safe During Pregnancy

When planning food for a baby shower, take into account what foods are healthy and safe for pregnant women, and which foods are not safe. Foods like lunch meat, non-pasteurized dairy products and some types of fish are off-limits for pregnant women. If serving cold foods, make sure they are refrigerated before the baby shower and kept cold during the baby shower. If serving hot foods, serve immediately from the oven or stove to prevent bacterial growth. Hot foods allowed to sit out are a breeding ground for bacteria. It is also important to ask the guest of honor if she is having any food aversions. Pregnancy can cause distaste for certain foods or scents. It is best to avoid serving foods a pregnant woman does not particularly like.

Pick Games That Can be Played Sitting Down

Pregnant women, especially in the last few weeks before birth, tend to suffer from swelling and water retention. Energy levels are at an all-time low and lifting, twisting, stooping and jumping are out of the question. Plan baby shower games played from a seated position. Offer the guest of honor a foot stool to prop up her feet to increase circulation.

Pick a Baby Shower Venue with a Bathroom Close By

As the fetus grows, pressure on the bladder can cause frequent urination. Choose a baby shower venue with a bathroom on the same floor as the party. No pregnant woman wants to climb a flight or two of stairs to reach the bathroom once or twice an hour.

Make Sure to Honor Mom as Well as Baby

Baby showers tend to focus on baby more than mom. As the pregnancy draws to a close, it can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that baby will soon be born. Honor the pregnant woman with gifts just for her, in addition to gifts for baby. She will love the fact that she is being showered as well as her unborn infant.

Baby showers are an exciting and entertaining gathering of friends and family members. While the focus is generally on baby, it is important to keep the pregnant women in mind when planning food, games and baby shower venue.

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