Memorial Day ActivitiesMemorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer and boating season. You can expect an influx of boats on the waterways, so general boating safety is extremely important – but there are also other things to consider if you’ll be spending time on the boat while pregnant.

Boating is one of the outdoor activities considered completely safe for the entire pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean pregnant women shouldn’t take a few precautions along the way. Being pregnant changes the entire body dynamic and those changes can impact how you spend your time on the boat.

Preparing For Your Time on the Boat
Before heading out on the boat for Memorial Day while pregnant, take a little time to pack a safety and comfort bag. This bag should include water, snacks, medications, sunscreen and an extra set of clothes – everything you would need for a day out of the house. As for clothing, it is best to choose light, thin materials that cover the skin and don’t forget the hat for added protection from the sun.

Being Safe on the Boat
One of the most common side effects of pregnancy is loss of balance. When out on the open water, losing your balance is the last thing you want, especially with water in every direction. While the boat is in motion, stay seated. You’ll also want to wear a life jacket. Most life jackets are adjustable. All adjustments should be made to the life jacket before the boat is in motion. Speaking of motion, ask the driver of the boat to stick with calm waters and cut the throttle back a bit to prevent bouncing when the boat is in motion.

Spending Overnight on the Water

If your Memorial Day fun on the water will last overnight, pack a bigger bag with more snacks, water and medications. Purchase an instant recharge pack so your cell phone battery doesn’t die overnight.

Spending time on the water for Memorial Day when you’re pregnant is completely safe as long as you take a few precautions. One of the worst things you can do is forget the sunscreen as the sun’s rays bounce off the water and hit your skin full force. Your skin may be extra sensitive during pregnancy, so adding that reflection to the picture could mean severe sunburn in a matter of minutes. If you’ll be boating with friends who don’t know you’re pregnant, tell them before the boat hits the water as an added precaution.