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Holistic health means your total health, not just medical problems. taking care of your body holistically, of all of your body, feels good, and improves outcomes. Many women find it hard to relax during pregnancy but now is the time when you should be pampering yourself the most! Here's how to do it:

Take time off

Many women choose to work right up until their water breaks. I, financially, there is enough money set aside to take a few weeks off before the baby is born, this is a great idea for relaxation. After the baby, time will meld together into one large day until a schedule is determined by the baby.

Get a massage

There are plenty of massage parlors that can accommodate a pregnant woman. These massage parlors have specialized chairs with tummy holes so mom can lay on her tummy for the massage.

Take a warm, scented bath

A nightly bath with a set of bath salts is a great way to relax. If the pregnancy is further on, make sure the water is not too warm and that someone is around to help mom into and out of the bathtub.

Plan a weekend trip

There will be little free time for a while after the baby is born. Planning a weekend trip can help mom to relax when she needs it most. Mom must make sure to follow all guidelines from her obstetrician regarding safe travel during pregnancy.

Vacation before the due date

Along the same lines, a week or two away from home can be a relaxing, stress-free way to rejuvenate the soul. These trips do not have to be far away or expensive, just relaxing.

Lean on others

Throughout the pregnancy, there will be plenty of people who offer their help. Relaxing is just as important as eating right. If someone offers help and the pregnant mom can use that help, she should certainly agree. Good ideas include having someone else cook meals for the week before the due date or planned birth.

Assign chores to family members

Many homes have other children who are eagerly waiting to meet the baby. These other family members will need to help out around the home much more as the pregnancy goes on. Mom can delegate laundry, cooking, cleaning, and foot rubs.

Talk about feelings

As the pregnancy hormones increase, the feelings mom has toward the baby and the home after baby will change with depression or doubt being common. Talking about these feelings is essential for staying relaxed throughout the pregnancy.

Ask for a back rub

If a professional masseuse is not an option, ask a loved one for a back rub. All mom needs to do is lie on her side and enjoy the time spent with someone she loves.

Take a spa day

While hair, makeup, and nails may not seem important, these things can make a pregnant woman feel wonderful. Feeling good about you is one way to stay more relaxed. A spa day can include many beauty treatments; just make sure to ask the obstetrician about any treatments that require chemicals.

Stay in the hospital

If the health insurance company approves 3 days in the hospital, don't check out and go home early. The time spent in the hospital with baby will be much more relaxing than mom understands. Once home, all of the baby care will be the sole responsibility of mom and that can be hard when mom is tired from labor or surgery.

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Mom needs to be honest about how she feels, what she needs, and life in general. Being honest leads to talking which can lead to a release of stress. The less stressed mom is, the better she will feel about herself, and the more relaxed she will be.

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