New Mom Serena Williams Set To Play Wimbledon Finals After Serious Postpartum Complications

Just 10 months after giving birth to her baby daughter, new mom Serena Williams is set to play the final game in Wimbledon. Williams had a grueling labor and delivery, and life-threatening postpartum complications.

What Happens at the First 6-Week Postpartum Visit?

Postpartum visits are different from patient to patient depending on the type of delivery and any complications from it.

Guide to Postpartum and Postbirth

The postbirth period is usually a happy time for most women but it can also be stressful, and possibly dangerous.

When will the first postpartum menstrual period come after the baby?

You had your baby and now you are wondering when to expect your next menstrual period. When will you bleed the first time after the delivery?

The Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

Differentiate between postpartum blues versus serious depression .

Common Postpartum Postbirth Problems

Postpartum issues can arise during the recovery period. While most of the issues are normal and nothing to be concerned about, others may require more attention and care.

Postpartum Sex: When to Do it Again

Does a woman really have to wait six weeks after delivery to resume sex? Can you do it earlier? What about if you want to wait longer than six weeks postpartum?

Perineal Soreness

Many women experience perineal soreness, pain around the vagina and rectum, after giving birth. Perineal soreness is common, especially if you gave birth vaginally.

How to Deal with Postpartum Breast Engorgement

It is normal for your breasts to become larger and feel heavy, warmer and uncomfortable when your milk increases in quantity ('comes in') 2-6 days after birth. This rarely lasts more than 24 hours.

Postpartum Postbirth Complications

Postpartum or Postbirth is a time period after delivery that officially lasts 6 weeks but it can also last up to a year. This time period is usually a happy time for most women but it also can be stressful and even dangerous and life-threatening with many potential complications for the mother.

Postpartum, Postbirth & Baby

Now that your pregnancy is over you likely will have more questions about the postpartum time and the baby. Read on for answers to your postpartum questions!

Incision pain and redness postpartum and postbirth

After a baby is born via a cesarean sectionn, the result is a wound that must heal. Pain and itching are common during this healing process, but severe pain and redness need to be checked to ensure it is healing well.

Can I Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

I just gave birth and I'm breastfeeding. I'm wondering if I can get pregnant while breastfeeding and whether breastfeeding can be used as a contraceptive.

Overcoming Sleep Deprivation

While the baby may spend the majority of the day sleeping off and on, moms and dads tend to use that time to clean up around the house, cook and spend time with each other and their other children. But using those precious moments to sleep when your baby is sleeping is vital.

Losing The Baby Weight

No matter how much weight is gained or how healthy the woman has been eating, there will be at least a few pounds left over after the baby is born.

Where Did My Period Go?

For about six weeks after the giving birth, the woman will pass lochia (pospartum discharge from the vagina). Lochia is a mixture of placental tissue, blood and mucus.

Common Postpartum Problems: Losing Pregnancy Weight

If you've gained upwards of 20 pounds or more during your pregnancy,don't fret. Most women lose half of that by the six-week mark withouteven trying. And if you follow a healthy lifestyle, the rest will comeoff as well.

Postpartum Exercise - What is Safe?

If you want to start postpartum exerces right after delivery, you can go ahead as long as you feel OK and there are no contraindications.

How to Get Your Body Back in Shape After Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Gaining weight during pregnancy is part of a normal pregnancy, and after pregnancy it's important to get back into shape.

Common Postpartum Problems: Painful Sex After Pregnancy

Experiencing postpartum discomfort isn't unusual, though the severity of discomfort you feel will depend on the type of delivery you had.

Baby Blues Symptoms and Postpartum Depression

Suffering from a brief bout of mild depression is common for women who have just given birth. Some women will fight through the depression and come out within a few weeks feeling better than ever before. Other women will suffer from baby blues symptoms that lead to a deeper more clinical-style depression.

Revisit Courtship to Rekindle After-Baby Sexual Flames

One topic that often weighs on the minds of parents of a newborn is sex. Psychotherapist Esther Perel urges new parents to expand a “narrow definition of what sex is” at this turning point in life.

Strive for 27 When Losing After-Baby Weight

The number 27 represents a healthy waist measurement for adult women, according to Dr. James Cerhan, an epidemiologist and lead author of the Mayo study.

Kangaroo Care

There is nothing more important than skin to skin contact between mother and child, according to the March of Dimes and other supporters of pregnancy and infant health.

Phone Chats, Shared Experiences Help New Moms Overcome Postpartum Depression

As many as four out of every 25 new mothers experience postpartum depression following the birth of a baby. A recent study brings the good news of a chemical-free solution to baby blues.

How Men Feel About Paternity Leave

Daniel Murphy missed the first two games of the season to be at home during the birth of his son. Murphy’s teammates and team manager stood by him in his decision to put family first.

What Happens After the Baby is Born?

Once the baby has moved through the birth canal and out of the vagina, the labor process is almost over. However, a few more contractions are needed to detach the uterus and push out the placenta.

Bowel Movement Difficulties, Pospartum

Passing that first bowel movement after labor can be very difficult for some women. Bowel movement difficulties after birth can be associated with both physical and mental reactions.

Postpartum Hemorrhage and Bleeding

It is normal to experience some postpartum bleeding (bleeding after delivery) in the weeks or months following birth.

What is Macrosomia?

Macrosomia is the term used to define an infant that measures more than 8 pounds 13 ounces or 4000 grams (4 kg) at birth. Macrosomia is only definitively determined after birth.