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Experiencing postpartum discomfort isn’t unusual, though the severity of discomfort you feel will depend on the type of delivery you had. But due to the recovery period after delivering your baby, there is one thing that is probably far from your mind: sex. This is often a scary time for new moms who don’t know what it’s going to be like, how it will feel and if any pain is involved. Here is valuable insight into the discomfort during sex you might experience after delivery.

Reasons for Discomfort

There are two main sources of your discomfort: vaginal dryness and the type of delivery you had. If you had a vaginal delivery, it may include discomfort from your episiotomy or if you had a tear. Cesarean sections (c-section) have more complicated recovery times, so you will have a different type of discomfort altogether. Vaginal dryness is another issue, which can make sex painful if you don’t prepare for it.

How to Know When it’s the Right Time

Before having sex with your partner after delivery, wait until it is the right time. Most doctors suggest waiting at least six weeks, though this will depend on how you feel and what type of delivery you had. You want there to be enough time for your cervix to close and to no longer have pain from your form of delivery. You will generally have signs from your body when it is the right time, but if you’re not sure, consult your doctor.

Tips for Easing Into Postpartum Sex

When you do feel ready, there are a few different ways to ease into it. It is important to have a smooth transition, rather than deciding on a whim that tonight is the night. This will reduce your discomfort considerably.

Use Lubrication

Since one of the factors of discomfort during postpartum sex is vaginal dryness, make sure you have proper lubrication. It not only reduces your discomfort, but will improve the experience

Do Your Kegels

Kegels aren’t just performed during pregnancy, but after as well. It helps improve muscle tone and gets your blood flowing. Try to do them at least twice a day.

Get Relaxed

Ease into postpartum sex by becoming relaxed. Whether that means half a glass of wine or a massage from your spouse, it helps to get relaxed together.

Be Honest About How You’re Feeling

If something doesn’t feel right or you’re not ready after all, be honest. Discomfort after having a baby is sometimes due to having sex before you’re ready.

The first time you have postpartum sex may be the most difficult. After that, you will develop a rhythm and learn to get used to your postpartum body and what does and does not help with your level of comfort.

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