Prozac During Pregnancy and BreastfeedingGeneric Name: Fluoxetine
Indications: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) commonly prescribed for severe depression, eating disorders, panic or OCD.
FDA Drug Category: C

Summary Recommendations:

Fluoxetine, also known as Prozac, should be taken as prescribed for the length of time the doctor suggests. If you find out you're pregnant, keeping taking the medication and call your doctor for further instruction or advice.

General Precautions:

Prozac is a one of the older antidepressants on the market and, as such, there is a lengthy history of side effects, drug interactions and effect on pregnancy. Patients with liver or kidney disease, bipolar disorder, thoughts of suicide, glaucoma or epilepsy should make the condition(s) known before taking Prozac. Currently medications could also be a cause for concern. If you are taking another antidepressant or seizure medication these could interfere with how Prozac works or cause dangerous side effects. If you are taking an MAOI, wait at least 14 days before starting your Prozac prescription. Never drink alcohol while taking Prozac.

Side effects that need to be reported to your physician immediately include vomiting, difficulty breathing, fever, difficulty sleeping and increased heart rate.

Effects While Trying to Conceive:

There are no reports that Prozac affects fertility.

Effects on Pregnancy:

Prozac is in pregnancy category C. This category is on the cusp of safety. There are clinical reports and studies associating late pregnancy and long-term use of Prozac during pregnancy with birth defects and prolonged medical care after birth. Prozac has also been associated with increased risk of spontaneous abortion. There does not appear to be any risk in taking Prozac during the first trimester. This gives women time to contact the prescribing physician for a medication change without fearing risk to baby.

Safe During Breastfeeding:

There have been no reports of negative side effects on infants breastfeeding to women taking Prozac. It is suggested that up to 10% of the maternal dose is passed to the infant, which could be a cause for concern according to the drug manufacturer.