six pregnancy trimesters

You always assumed that each pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. But did you know that there are actually six trimesters? The six trimesters are roughly divided each into segments of about 3 months:

  1. Pre-Trimester (preconception)
  2. First Trimester (up to 12-13 weeks)
  3. Second Trimester (up to 26-27 weeks)
  4. Third Trimester (up to delivery)
  5. Fourth Trimester (postbirth or postpartum)
  6. Fifth Pregnancy Trimester (going back to work)

These six trimesters have each their own succinct different emotional and physical happenings that make them unique.

There are three trimesters of pregnancy. Each trimester lasts approximately three months or 40 weeks for a full-term pregnancy. These trimesters are like goals for pregnancy. Make it to the second trimester and things are a bit safer. Make it to the third trimester and the pregnancy is nearing the exciting day of birth. Each of these trimesters marks a pregnancy milestone and brings new and exciting changes for mom and baby. Let this page be your guide to those changes.

Pregnancy by Trimester

The Pre-Trimester of Pregnancy

First Trimester of Pregnancy

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Fourth Trimester of Pregnancy: Postpartum

Fifth Trimester of Pregnancy: Going Back to Work 

Let babyMed guide you through these six pregnancy trimesters!

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