Mountain Biking During Pregnancy

Is mountain biking safe during pregnancy?

Even though many women have claimed to have done mountain biking well into their second trimester without any problems, mountain biking by the very nature of the sport generates a specified amount of inherent hazard whether you're pregnant or not.  A plunge from your bike could easily cause trauma to your stomach, and thus could usually injure the baby and placenta or lead to premature labor. Keep in mind also that the further along the pregnant women is the greater the threat to the baby would be should a fall happen.   

As the pregnancy develops, it becomes more difficult and riskier to ride and in your final trimester, it may become complicated to maintain your balance thus introducing additional possible falls from off your bike. A much better method of biking exercise for a pregnant woman would be a stationary exercise bike.

Is exercise safe?

Working out in a structured exercise program is beneficial to you whether you are expecting or not, and unless there are certain complications in pregnancy and her physician has immediate concerns, a pregnant woman can exercise assuming prudent care is employed.

Exercise has a tendency to prevent gestational diabetes, it can make labor much easier, and provides for a quick recovery. If jogging was your usual form of exercise before your pregnancy, you could keep jogging until such time as you feel uncomfortable at doing so.  Assuming your usual means of fitness was swimming and you swam forty laps each day, by all means, continue your routine until you can no longer do it.

However, there are limitations that a wise mother to be would place upon herself. She would try to avoid any sort of high-risk activities such as climbing mountains or mountain bike riding. Sports that can potentially harm a person can also harm the baby. In a majority of medical opinion cases, the doctors usually indicate that it is not in the paramount interest of the unborn child for the mother to engage in activities like mountain biking. 

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