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Good things come to those who wait. For pregnant women with multiples, babies not born last week will probably be here this week. Many doctors prefer delivering twins before the 40th week.

And if you are scheduled for a cesarean section, either because you previously had a cesarean section or for other reasons, chances are that it will be done in the 39th week or later.

For women expecting singlets, there is no time like the present to sleep. The fetus is finished growing and the lungs are the only organ still developing. Fat continues to store under the skin.

Your Body
As the final days of pregnancy become a reality, the lightening process (dropping of uterine weight) can leave a pregnant female feeling off balance and clumsy. Using a cane can make the transition a bit safer. The uterus drops into the birth canal to help start the labor process. When pressure is placed on the cervix, signals are passed to the brain that baby is ready. This triggers the release of hormones that ripen the cervix.

Life is about to change, so before you lose your mind to sleep deprivation – mom says thank you. Being a father is just as hard as being a mother, despite the fact that she does all the heavy lifting. The first days after baby is born, women tend to need more help than they are willing to ask for – so make sure you are prepared. Fixing dinners and freezing them ahead of time is a great option for those long days and night. Asking friends and family to watch other children or pets is another fantastic choice.

Everything a pregnant woman is supposed to do – you have done. The pregnancy is in the last two weeks and walking feels like work. Fluid is collecting in hands, feet, ankles, legs and face. That pregnancy glow turned into a pregnancy mask is no longer flirty and warming. Excess weight has the back feeling like is bowing out of control and fatigue is the most overpowering feeling on earth. Welcome to week 39.

Keep watching for signs of labor and rest. Water intake should remain high for the remaining two weeks of pregnancy. Activity is not really restricted, per se, but high impact aerobics and running are not the best choices in exercise. Yoga, stretching and pregnancy massage are perfect during week 39.

Travel is prohibited at this point in the pregnancy, so if you forgot to see friends and family members before now – they will just have to wait.