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For many couples getting pregnant is easy. However, there are others for whom getting pregnant can take a long time and they have to resolve to reproductive technology. 

There is a growing number of couples whose first steps when trying to get pregnant is to learn more about their fertility and improve their chances of getting pregnant. Their goal is to get pregnant faster and healthier. This group benefits the most from everyday steps intended to improve their chances of getting pregnant with our fertility and ovulation calendarpregnancy calendar, and Chinese sex gender calendar chart

BabyMed helps with our 10 Periconception Tips to improve your fertility and increase your chances of becoming pregnant with a healthy baby. BabyMed also answers all the questions you have such as: 

  1. Am I ovulating?
  2. Am I fertile and when?
  3. Is HE fertile?
  4. Am I pregnant? How can I find out?
  5. What are my chances of getting pregnant?
  6. Can you use the OPK as an HPT and test for pregnancy?

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The odds that a woman will become pregnant in any particular month are about 20% to 25%. 40% to 50% get pregnant within 4-5 months and 85% get pregnant within 12 months There are many different things that can affect your chances of getting pregnant. They include:

  • Your age - After 30 your chances of getting pregnant decrease significantly
  • Irregular menstrual cycles - These are usually associated with ovulation problems and PCOS
  • The frequency of sex - making love not often enough or not at the right time decreases your pregnancy odds
  • Length of time not getting pregnant - The longer you have tried unsuccessfully the less your chances getting pregnant
  • Medical conditions and infections -These can decrease your chances of getting pregnant



The #1 Fertility Information: Ovulation (The BIG O)

Here are the 3 Top Fertility Tips

  1. Find out when you are fertile (the "fertile window")and when to make love
  2. Be at your optimal weight
  3. Take a daily folic acid and preconception vitamin supplement