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    Welcome to the BabyMed Pregnancy and Fertility Quiz / Trivia site! Each pregnancy and fertility quiz is a fun, interactive tool specifically designed to help you learn more about pregnancy and fertility. Have fun and good luck!

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    The Online Pregnancy Test (OPT):

    Am I Pregnant? We will tell you! 

    Pregnancy Symptoms Test (PST) Quiz: 

    Pregnant with these symptoms? 

    Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Quiz -

    Boy or Girl?

    Can I Increase my Pregnancy Chances?

    H1N1 Swine Flu Evaluation

    How likely could I have the swine H1N1 flu?

    Sex and Trying To Get Pregnant:

    How often sex? When? Which position? 

    Sex Myths: 

    How much do you know about sex myths? 

    Sex Trivia: 

    Check your knowledge about sex trivia 

    Obesity and Weight Loss:

    Do you know the facts to lose weight?

    Top Ten World Sex Records: 

    World sex records trivia 

    Home Pregnancy Test (HTP) Quiz Knowledge: 

    Test your HPT knowledge 

    Contraception Myths: 

    Can you prevent getting pregnant doing this?

    Male Fertility Evaluation: 

    Does he live a fertility-friendly lifestyle? 

    Fertility Maximizing: 

    Are you maximizing your fertility? 

    Fertility and Infertility Quiz: 

    Could you be infertile? Find out here.

    Fertility Knowledge: 

    Test your fertility knowledge.

    Infertility Knowledge: 

    How much do you know about infertility?  

    Pregnancy Knowledge: 

    Test your general pregnancy knowledge.

    Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Quiz -

    Boy or Girl?

    What Are Your Chances Getting Pregnant?

    How likely is it to have a baby?

    The Dr. Ruth Quiz: 

    Answer questions about the world's foremost sex authority.

    Fertility Myths: 

    Fertility myths: True or false? What do you think?

    Pregnancy Myths: 

    True or False? Debunk these pregnancy myths.

    Preconception/Periconception Knowledge: 

    Find out everything you should know about preconception.

    Fertility, Diet, and Lifestyle: 

    Test your knowledge about Fertility, Diet, and Lifestyle.

    Male Fertility Issues: 

    Learn about his fertility, his sperms and other issues.

    Girl or Boy:

    What is True?: Test your knowledge about having a boy or a girl. 

    Your Menstrual Cycles: 

    Learn more about your menstrual cycles. 


    How much do you know about twins? 

    Clomid - Clomiphene: 

    What does Clomid (clomiphene) do? 

    Preterm Risk Calculation:

    What is my risk delivering prematurely?





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