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Baby-horoscope.jpgThe Sagittarius baby is born from November 22nd to December 21st. Your baby is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the fire element.

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Your Baby’s Personality

Ahhh, the Sagittarius baby. Babies of this sign tend to be happy babies that plays well with others and don't have to be coddled every moment of the day. The Sagittarius baby loves to have room to play and roam, but they also tend to be open to playing in small groups with other children.

New toys and games are fun for the Sagittarius baby, but they are more than willing to share with others. Natural born explorers, sometimes all the Sagittarius baby wants is wide open spaces where they can see what the world has to offer. Taking baby on walks through the park or even through the grocery store is a simple way to show them new and exciting things.

Biggest Trials of Having a Sagittarius Baby
The Sagittarius baby is one of the easiest babies to take care of. They love to play with others, but they also love to roam, which can lead to self-guided exploration. Keep a close eye on your baby when open space prevails as their natural need to explore may prove more powerful than your words to stay put.

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