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Baby-horoscope.jpgAs the Virgo sign falls behind, the Libra sign takes control. If your baby was born from September 23rd to October 22nd, you are raising a Libra. Libra babies are ruled by Venus and the Air element. From the onset of life, Libra babies are all about basking in the attention of others and attention is never lacking because the Libra baby just has a way with people.

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Your Baby’s Personality
There is nothing shy about your Libra baby. From birth, that smile will make people fall in love at first glance and that’s exactly what the Libra baby is hoping for. Your baby is a sweet and mild-tempered, so you’ll not have to worry about temper tantrums and fussy spells, most of the time. Libras are social so they work well with others in play groups.

Biggest Trials of Having a Libra Baby

It seems like the smiling Libra baby would be the perfect example of an easy baby, but that’s not always the case. The charm can also be used to manipulate people into doing what the Libra baby wants.

The Libra baby is also a bit picky about personal belongings. They love to get new, shiny toys and clothes, but they’re not as comfortable taking used things from older siblings, especially in the tween and teen years.

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