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Baby-horoscope.jpgThe Taurus baby is born from April 20th to May 20th. Taurus babies are ruled by the planet Venus and the earth element.

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Your Baby’s Personality
The Taurus is a loving baby who loves to touch and be touched. Physical attention is crucial to a Taurus baby's mental and physical development. Comfort is key, so make sure to stay in tune with how your baby reacts to temperature, clothing and bedding. If a Taurus baby is uncomfortable, they will let you know, but it may be difficult to understand why your baby is reacting the way he is.

The Taurus baby loves toys that grasp their attention, though they may have trouble sharing those toys with others if not taught to share early on. Learning on target is not an issue for the Taurus. Taurus' will learn at their own pace, so don’t push them too hard. The Taurus baby is a gentle soul who loves to be around family and loved ones.

Biggest Trials of Having a Taurus Baby
The normal learning curve for most infants may not apply to the Taurus. Though your baby will likely develop the same skills as other infants, he or she will do so at their own pace and may resist learning new things if pushed too hard.

Your Taurus is also akin to being quite stubborn when it comes to sharing play things. They will relish in new and exciting toys but also knows what belongs to them.

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