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Baby-horoscope.jpgBorn from August 23rd to September 22nd is the Virgo baby. Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury and the Earth element. You may notice early on that your Virgo baby is a bit fussier than other babies; that’s just because you have a perfectionist in the making.

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Your Baby’s Personality
The Virgo baby is all about set schedules and regular patterns. They want things to stay the same way all the time and don't adjust well to change. This need for regularity will last their entire lifetime. In addition to being a picky perfectionist, you may also have some difficulty introducing new foods and new activities to the Virgo baby. Once the Virgo baby finds something they like, whether it is mashed bananas or a noisy toy that lights up, they will stick with it for a while and resist any other toys and food.

Biggest Trials of Having a Virgo Baby
The hardest thing about Virgo babies is their perfectionist nature. This nature often drives the Virgo baby to talk sooner and develop intellectually faster than their peers, but you will have to deal with their finicky nature at home. Virgos are also extremely helpful; they love to support others even if it means leaving behind things they love to do. This trait will become more pronounced in later years.

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