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Baby-horoscope.jpgYour Leo baby is a fiery ball from the start and for good reason. Leos, born from July 23rd to August 22nd, are ruled by the Sun and the fire element.

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Your Baby’s Personality

Your Leo baby comes out of the womb with nothing more than attention on his mind. Leos tend to have a magnetic personality and they use that personality to their advantage. They will demand the attention of everyone in the room and keep that attention for as long as friends and family are willing to give it. The attention seeking nature of the Leo also means your baby can be extremely competitive with other infants and even siblings.
The Leo baby is not easily convinced to share things in life – including time, attention, toys and love. They may feel they can make all the rules in the home and that everyone needs to follow those rules.

Biggest Trials of Having a Leo Baby

Leos are not the best sleepers so mom and dad may miss a few hours of rest while raising baby. The constant need for attention and control may prove difficult in community settings like day care and group play. Your Leo is bound to be the star of the show wherever they go, but when the attention wanes, parents are often blessed with a loud outcry for more.

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