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AquariausThe Aquarius baby, born from January 20th to February 18th, is ruled by Saturn, Uranus and the air element.

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Your Baby’s Personality

The Aquarius baby can be a bit difficult to read at times. They tend to detach when they are fussy and may simply want some alone time to work out their feelings, but they shouldn’t be left alone all the time because they need to be nudged into socialization. At first, the Aquarian may not feel comfortable around friends and even some family members, but over time they will grow more attached to the people in their lives they don’t see every day. Even though the Aquarius baby may not seem to like being around people, they thrive on companionship. They sometimes struggle with how to voice or show this need.

Aquarian babies are extremely high-level thinkers and often talk earlier than other birth signs. They are creative and learn easily, so foster intellectual growth.

Biggest Trials of Having an Aquarian Baby
Socialization is hard for the Aquarian, but not because they want to be anti-social. Even if your baby seems to be uncomfortable around company, including close friends and family, keep introducing them into new social situations and they’ll soon learn how to show how much they truly like others.

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