• Pregnancy and Fertility Tools and Calculators

BabyMed has created for you an extensive collection of free tools during pregnancy to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and to answer your most important pregnancy questions. These tools include calculators, trackers, ultrasound tools, labor & delivery tools and mobile apps such as due date calculators, fertility and gender predictors, a pregnancy calendar, and more.

Most Popular 


When to do the pregnancy test Calculator

Enter your personal data and find out when to do the pregnancy test

Weekly Pregnancy Weight Change Calculator

Enter your height/weight and pre-pregnancy weight and check/ the weekly recommended weight gain

Baby & fetal Kick Count Tool

Count your baby's movements daily

Enhanced Due Date Calculator

Much more than just your due date, includes important events

hCG Calculator and Graph

Calculates and graphs if your hCG levels are normal or not and whether they change normally  

Conception Pregnancy Reverse Due Date Calculator

Enter the due date and calculate the conception date  

Fetal Movement Count Chart 

Count your babies movements and download an interactive chart to ensure a healthy pregnancy  

Retro Conception Birthday Calculator

Calculate when a person was conceived based on their birthday  

Preterm Risk Calculator

Calculates your individual risk of delivering preterm

Blood Type Calculator

Calculate the blood type possiblities of a child and its parents  

Partner Violence Tool

Find out if you are in a violent relationship  

Eye Color Predictor

Find out what your baby's eye colors will be based on the parents' eye colors

Down Syndrome Risk Calculator  

Calculate the risk of Down syndrome with your current age  

Weight Change Calculator

Calculate the proper weight gain during pregnancy

Labor & Delivery Tools

Ultrasound Tools