pregnancy fetus 35 weeks

The fetus weighs in at more than 5 ½ pounds by the 35th week. This number is just an average as some babies are born full term weighing only 5 ½ pounds. There is very little room left in the uterus, so when baby moves the pregnant woman will feel it. It is common to visibly see movement through the skin of the abdomen from time to time including kicking, punching and rolling. Testes are completely descended from the abdomen into external sacs.

Your Body

Weekly prenatal visits are now starting. During visits, the doctor may check the cervix to see if there is any change. Early on, change to the cervix is normal and does not mean labor is imminent. Vaginal exams are also used to determine fetal position. Now is the time during the pregnancy when women “feel” pregnant. The weight of the uterus puts pressure on internal organs and extremities. Fatigue is a daily problem and all mom wants to do is rest.

Intimacy may change a bit from the 35 week until several weeks after baby is born. Pregnant women may feel uncomfortable with their bodies and that can cause lack of intimacy. If both parties are in the mood for lovemaking, the spoon position is ideal during latter weeks of pregnancy. Otherwise, dad can offer closeness, affection and personal connection without intercourse.

For pregnant women who find themselves behind with preparation for the big day, now is the perfect time to call in favors from friends and family. Packing the hospital bag may seem like a small task, but so does lacing up sneakers. No small tasks are small for a woman carrying a near full-term infant in her uterus. Take the time to sit down and have a few cups of hot tea with the people closest to you. Some women even choose to throw a helping party where friends and family gather to help with final preparations for baby.

Nothing is more important right now than eating right, drinking water and resting. There is no lifting, jumping or running in the mix for mom from the 35th week until active labor begins. Some doctors will approve light exercise like yoga or walking during the last month of pregnancy, while others opt for bed rest. Women pregnant with multiples will likely be on bed rest from now until birth.