The first trimester of a pregnancy is one of the most important and challenging for a relationship. Whether you have only been with the father for a little while or have been married for 10 years, expect your relationship and intimacy to change throughout the first trimester. These changes happen in waves, starting with the excitement and nervousness of finding out you’re pregnant to handling the changes your body is going through to preparing together for your new bundle of joy.


One of the biggest changes you may experience in the first trimester of pregnancy is lack of intimacy. You may start feeling ill with nausea, have cramps or even be spotting. This can be a killer to your sex drive, which may difficult for your partner to understand. While this will not last throughout your pregnancy and you may even have an increase in your sexual desire during the second trimester, don’t worry when you aren’t in the mood for intimacy during the first few months of pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations can cause some emotional and physical changes that make it difficult. If you do have sex during the first trimester, it is perfectly fine unless you know your cervix is incompetent and begins to open, or if you are having unexplained bleeding.

Emotional Changes
Emotional changes are very common due to your hormones, and it can put a strain on your relationship. But it can also bring you closer together. Expect to have some mood fluctuations, including being angry, resentful, sad, frustrated and overly emotional. Communication is essential during the first trimester, so explain to your partner or spouse how you are feeling. Your relationship will be stronger with more communication.

Closer Bond
Many relationships become stronger during the first trimester. This can be a very exciting time, and while you may have your differences, in the beginning, they typically work themselves out. Expect to feel much closer to your spouse during the first trimester, as you lean on them for support.

Financial Decisions
Finances tend to be a burden for couples, but as long as you are communicating and coming up with realistic plans, this doesn’t have to be a big deal. Come up with a solid plan for preparing for your baby, and the financial aspect will work itself out.

If it feels like your relationship is strained shortly after finding out you are pregnant, realize this is normal. There is an adjustment period as this is a big change in both of your lives but simply needs a few good talks to get through.

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