BreastfeedingHaving a baby can wreak havoc on your body and overall figure. It’s only natural to want to get back to a reasonable weight, but losing weight while breastfeeding requires a few things, like a change in diet and exercise. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to regain your original physique. It may seem difficult at first, but the key is to stick with it and you will be successful in your weight loss endeavors.

Tip #1 – Wait Two Months

Your first focus as a new mom should be making sure that your body is able to produce enough milk for your baby. If you go on a diet, you may not be able to consume enough calories for you to make a sufficient supply of milk.

Tip #2: Eat Between 1800 And 2000 Calories Per Day

While you are producing breast milk, you should focus on eating at least 1800 calories a day. This is healthy and will ensure quality breast milk filled with the proper nutrients your baby needs.

Tip #3: After Two Months Set Reasonable Weight Loss Goals

You should set a goal of about one and a half pounds per week. This is realistic and will not majorly affect the milk production. You do not want to lose more than this because you will put the quality of your milk in jeopardy.

Tip #4: Keep A Close Eye On Your Daily Caloric Intake
Make sure that you drink plenty of water and that you eat an appropriate amount of each food group. If you start to feel dehydrated or if you feel that you may be getting sick, your body will use any resource it can find to help you, and the first one will be your breast milk.

Tip #5: Go The Natural Way

There are a lot of “promising” weight loss supplements, but your best bet will be to go the diet and exercise route. You never really know what type of impact these types of diets pills and such will have your body or your baby. Lowering your junk food intake can help quite a bit, so stop eating junk food (if you haven’t already).

Tip #6: Do Mini Workouts

There is no doubt that you are in a hurry to get back into shape, but you must remember you’re your body just went through a huge change, so you must take it slow, especially if you are breastfeeding. Conserve your energy and do a few short 10 minute exercises daily.

These tips should help you start dropping off the pounds while breastfeeding. Above all else remember that you have to keep your milk production as a priority. There will always be time for a gym when your baby gets old enough for daycare and babysitters.