FSH Test and IVF TreatmentResearchers at the University of Torino in Torino, Italy recently published a study comparing short and long-term follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulation in high-response women seeking IVF treatment. The study was published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. According to the preliminary report, researchers were looking for differences in short and long-term FSH stimulation. Short stimulation started at day 4 of IVF treatment, whereas long stimulation started on day one.

A total of 412 women were included in the study. All women were considered high response with normal ovulatory function. The short stimulation cycle was started on day 4 with 150 IU/day of FSH. The long stimulation cycle was started on day 1 with 150 IU/day of FSH.

Conclusion: At the conclusion of the study, women in the short group measured lower on peak estradiol tests, but this did not appear to have an impact on the overall outcome. Women in both groups exhibited the same ovarian response across fresh and thawed procedures.

Source: Casano S, Guidetti D, Patriarca A, Pittatore G, Gennarelli G, Revelli A. MILD ovarian stimulation with GnRH-antagonist vs. long protocol with low dose FSH for non-PCO high responders undergoing IVF: a prospective, randomized study including thawing cycles.