Our new app Obie offers personalized fertility advice for any stage of your reproductive health journey. Whether improving your fertility, tracking your cycle and ovulation, or trying to get pregnant, Obie takes a holistic approach to help every woman reach their goals. 

Obie uses the latest medical science and makes expert fertility advice accessible to women everywhere. Insights and recommendations are tailored to your unique body, lifestyle, and environment.

Improve your fertility, and his too!

Our new app gives you personalized fertility insights and expert guidance to take the guesswork out of getting pregnant.

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Accurate, actionable insights

Obie is designed to give you the most accurate predictions possible, so you’ll know when to expect your next period, when you’ll ovulate, and when you’re most fertile. This allows you to better understand your body and cycle, and make getting pregnant easier.

Obie also serves you expert articles on every aspect of reproductive health and breaks down key studies, medical research, and fertility details that help you reach your goals. 

Improve your fertility, naturally

For many women, there’s a lot to learn and plan when trying to get pregnant. Obie is here to help with a personalized in-app fertility assessment that helps you pinpoint and address any health issues you may have. Obie also helps your partner optimize their fertility in order to get pregnant naturally.

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Using the Obie app also helps you recognize signs of ovulation, so you’ll know when you’re in your fertile window and when to have sex to get pregnant faster. When trying to conceive, Obie also helps you look for early signs of pregnancy, and explains how and when to use different types of pregnancy tests. And if getting pregnant is challenging, Obie has the info and support you need and clearly explains your fertility treatment options.  

Your personal, all-in-one personal reproductive health coach

Obie covers everything from cycle tracking to pregnancy, and tailors all news, advice, insights, and recommendations to your specific body and your goals. Obie takes a holistic approach, covering your mental health and environmental surroundings as well. Download the app today to take control of your reproductive health.