The pregnancy involving Rihanna is one of the reasons noted in the media for the fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown.

The world of being a celebrity is filled with trials, tribulations and turmoil. For Rihanna, those troubles are larger than life right now thanks to a recent bid of media attention due to a physical confrontation between Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris Brown is known as a teen hip hop / pop star turned young man and with many women happy he turned of legal age, the news of Chris Brown beating up Rihanna was a shock to the world.

What was even more shocking were the reports that Rihanna is pregnant. The pregnancy involving Rihanna is one of the reasons noted in the media for the fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Knowing that his success is based on his sex appeal, having a girlfriend that is pregnant at such a young age was just not an option. Chris Brown was instantly angered by the thought of being a dad with Rihanna pregnant and he turned on Rihanna in rage. At least, this is one of the stories.

The story of Rihanna being pregnant is further supported by the rumors that she has since gone back to Chris Brown despite the fact that she was nearly killed during the confrontation. Chris Brown choked Rihanna until she passed out and with a pregnancy, Rihanna is facing troubles beyond her own life if she continues to stay with Chris Brown.

Rihanna is a hip hop star from Barbados. She firsts hit the hip hop scene a few years ago with songs like Pon de Replay and SOS. No one had ever heard such a rich tone from a woman with the integration of rap and true inspired vocals. Recently, her mega hit Umbrella, solidified her spot as a diva in the hip hop community. Rihanna is one of the few stars that has not appeared on the front of a plethora of rag mags for her off screen (or off radio) lifestyle. She has kept to herself until this confrontation with Chris Brown.

The Rihanna pregnancy rumor is not the only one being blamed for the fight between her and Chris Brown. Some medias and gossip blogs are reporting Rihanna found out Chris Brown was cheating with Paris Hilton and the fight resulted from her confronting Chris Brown with this information. Another rumor focuses on the fact that Rihanna is not pregnant, but rather she has an STD (genital herpes) and passed that on to Chris Brown.

Rihanna is an extremely young hip hop star with an entire life ahead of her. Dating Chris Brown, a star of her same age group, was inevitable with the life of a celebrity, but the fight and the pictures of Rihanna’s bruised face were a horror to behold. There is little understanding of what the future holds for Rihanna, pregnancy and Chris Brown. But, the fact is, if Rihanna is pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby, the world will be shocked, stunned and scared for Rihanna and her baby.

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