fertility myths

Fertility fact or fiction?

Most couples trying to get pregnant just let nature take its course and see what happens. They do not plan, chart, or try to predict ovulation. On the other hand, some couples purchase BBT thermometers, ovulation kits, and plan intercourse on a schedule, but still don’t get pregnant. There are many fertility myths and misconceptions circulating about ovulation and when to have sex, and some of them could be keeping you from getting pregnant. Read on!

True or false?

  1. It's usually the woman's fault if she can't get pregnant (False).
  2. You cannot get pregnant if you have sex during your period (False).
  3. You should lie down for 15 minutes after he ejaculates (It does no harm and may help
  4. Sperm only live for several hours (False).
  5. You need to wait at least three months after stopping birth control pills before you can start trying to conceive (False).
  6. The best way to time intercourse is always on the 14th day of your cycle (False).
  7. Having an orgasm helps you get pregnant (False).
  8. Ovulation happens when your BBT drops (False).
  9. You must have sex twice a day if you want to get pregnant (False).
  10. You can diagnose implantation or pregnancy from cervical changes (False).
  11. You can get pregnant several days before and after ovulation (False).
  12. Stress prevents a woman from getting pregnant (False).
  13. If you had a miscarriage in the last pregnancy, there is an increased risk of having another miscarriage. (False).
  14. Moderate exercise will prevent you from getting pregnant (False).
  15. When taking your basal body temperature, you should have sex when your temperature goes up (False).
  16. Your first pregnancy symptoms usually start before you miss your period (False).
  17. If you have only one ovary, you ovulate only once every two months (False).
  18. If you haven’t become pregnant after three months of trying, something must be wrong (False).
  19. A positive blood pregnancy test means that I am pregnant (True, but not always).
  20. Ovulation always happens on cycle day 14 (False).
  21. Sperm can survive several days inside the vagina (False).

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