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During the pre-trimester period, there are several things you should do before you try to conceive. Here is a to-do list for this very special time!


There are many diseases that are very dangerous for an unborn baby if the mother should be infected.  Some of these include chickenpox, rubella, and hepatitis B.  All of these are largely preventable with a vaccine.  Since these conditions are preventable it is important that you take the steps necessary prior to conception to ensure you do not contract these diseases. By making sure your vaccines are up to date you reduce the risk of later complications.


There are different classifications for medications that depend on how safe they are for expecting mothers.  It is important that you tell your doctor all of the prescription and non-prescription medicines you are taking as well as any herbal supplements. 

Preparing for a baby is about far more than just setting up that beautiful room.

If you are currently taking anything that could have a harmful effect on the baby, your doctor will need to find an alternative medication or have you stop taking them altogether.  This is also the time to start taking prenatal vitamins because it is during the first month of pregnancy that many of these vitamins are vital to the development of the fetus.

Weight loss, exercise, and vitamin supplementation

Before attempting to conceive, moms will want their bodies to be the epitome of health. Losing any excess weight and adopting a healthy exercise regime can help to make the pregnancy and birth processes far easier. Taking a prenatal vitamin for a few months before conception helps to build optimal levels of vitamins, nutrients and folic acid in the body. Folic acid is most important during the first few weeks after conception and helps to prevent neural tube defects of the fetus.

Exercise programs adopted before conception can be maintained for the length of the pregnancy. In addition to normal exercises, Kegel exercises will help during the birthing process. Kegel exercises are used to tighten the muscles used to push the baby out during childbirth.

Preparing for a baby is about far more than just setting up that beautiful room. The female body will undergo dramatic changes immediately after conception and for the ensuing 40 weeks of fetal growth. The idea is to prepare the body before the baby is conceived and make the growth process all the more enjoyable for mom and for baby. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, talk with your gynecologist.

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