What do I need to know about pregnancy?

Understanding your pregnancy week by week can help you make good decisions throughout your pregnancy. The average pregnancy lasts an average of 40 weeks (280 days) from the first day of the last menstrual period to the estimated date of delivery or 266 days from the time of ovulation/fertilization to the dues date. babyMed teaches you everything you need to know about pregnancy, from getting pregnant to nutrition and sex to having a healthy baby. The more you know about your pregnancy week by week, the more prepared you'll be to face what lies ahead.

Keeping your growing baby and yourself safe is a large concern when pregnant. Find out what's safe and what's not during pregnancy with our pregnancy safety guide. Get informed, and then relax, because knowing more helps you make the right choices.

Learn everything you need to know about the pregnancy trimesters, pregnancy testing, planning, and safety. Read about those early pregnancy signs and symptoms, what to expect on your prenatal visits, pregnancy do's and don'ts, and so much more.

Low Iodine In Women Of Childbearing Age

The CDC (Centers for DiseaseControl) have reported that iodine levels in women of childbearing age are lower than expected and possibly lower than they should be for optimal health. ... read more »

Dieting During Pregnancy Given the Green Light

According to research published on BMJ.com, dieting is not only acceptable during pregnancy; it may be advisable for women who are overweight or obese during pregnancy. ... read more »

3 Things You Want to Save During and After Pregnancy

I was diligent my first pregnancy. I kept every note from the doctor, every appointment card and every small snippet of medical information given to me about my pregnancy and my fetus. That baby book resembled a Tolstoy novel by the time I gave birth. ... read more »

Labor Contractions: How Do I Know It's Labor?

It's a fact. Most women got through labor in preparation for delivering the baby. But why is it happening and how do you know you are in labor? ... read more »

When Is It Too Late to Start a Family?

I vividly remember one of my classmate’s fathers taking a picture at a band concertone evening my junior year in high school. ... read more »

Exposure Before and During Pregnancy

There are more and more studies that show that exposure before and during pregnancy can have a significant impact on fetal development and have an adverse effect on health. ... read more »

Babies and Bikinis: Beach Body Etiquette for the Expecting

There are some women who'll be spending the summer with an ever-growing tummy. IfT you're expecting this summer, is it okay to show off that baby tummy in a skimpy two-piece? ... read more »

Dental Hygiene Is Even More Important During Pregnancy

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or you are already pregnant: Good dental hygiene is important and regular cleaning and check-ups are essential for dental health. ... read more »

Having a Baby Naturally After Infertility IVF Treatment

Though few studies track how often a spontaneous pregnancy after use of assisted reproductive technology occurs, those that do suggest it is not uncommon. ... read more »

Reduce Pregnancy Complications By Eating Correctly

If mom gains too much weight during pregnancy, baby will grow up weighing too much and possibly suffers from weight-related health concerns well into adulthood. ... read more »

The Ten Most Common Pregnancy Complications

One of the major reasons that you receive prenatal care and deliver in a hospital is that you want to identify certain complications in pregnancy early on and prevent them from happening. ... read more »

How is a singlet pregnancy different from a twin pregnancy?

When my final pregnancy was revealed to be a twin pregnancy I just knew things were going to change and that I would appreciate the simplicity of the first two. Boy – I was right. ... read more »

Should you stop smoking cold turkey during pregnancy?

There are lots of smoking cessation aids out there today, including gums, supplements and prescription medications. ... read more »

5 Supplements You Should Never Take During Pregnancy

Just because prenatal vitamins are safe does not mean all supplements are safe for use during pregnancy. Here are 5 supplements pregnant women should never take. ... read more »

Not All Pregnancies are Created Equal

I was thrilled when I found out I was having twins, but soon after my world was turned upside down. ... read more »

How Your Baby Can Take a (Non-)Stress Test in Utero

When you’re an adult and your body is put under heavy amounts of stress from exercise or even emotional stress at work or home, your doctor needs to test your heart and make sure it’s responding properly. ... read more »

What Expectations Do Women Have about Pregnancy?

My friend had a baby earlier this summer and she told us she was pregnant around November. As soon as she told us, all the usual questions were asked. Do you want a boy or girl? What names do you have picked out? Has morning sickness started yet? ... read more »

Music Therapy and Your Pregnancy

Nurses that specialize in obstetrics have started looking to music therapy as a way to keep their pregnant patients calm and happy during the stressful moments of gestation. ... read more »

As If Pregnancy Wasn’t Tense Enough…

If you’re experiencing hypertension during your pregnancy, you are surely not alone. It is the most common medical disorder in pregnant women. Its more serious forms are actually one of the major causes of pregnancy-related deaths in the US. ... read more »