There is nothing funnier than sitting up late at night watching a movie with comedian Seth Rogan. That is, until you think about him becoming a dad. After six years of dating, Seth Rogan and writer girlfriend Lauren Miller are finally engaged to be married. Lauren’s parents were beginning to question whether Seth Rogan had good intentions in the relationship or if he was just along for the ride.

Have they not seen “Zac and Miri Make a Porno”? Lauren Miller has acted in three of Seth Rogan’s movies and she writes on the side as well. There has been question for a while as to why the couple did not marry, but some insiders claim they know the answer. Seth Rogan recently lost quite a bit of weight – seemingly to get in shape and get ready for the big day on the long path to forever. What does the future hold? Possibly some Seth Rogan babies running around or maybe they are already on the way.

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