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AquariausThe Water Bearer, as Aquarians are known, is born from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarians are serious people with an innate interest in knowledge and learning. They love the idea of being unique, which molds how they react both professionally and personally. The cusps of the Aquarius birth sign are on the 20th of January and the 18th of February. If you are born on either of those dates, your personality may pull from the birth sign before or after Aquarius.

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Aquarians are natural born leaders. With the change of the millennium, we moved into the Age of Aquarius, which means people born to this birth sign are now in a position of leadership. Aquarians are the ones setting trends and pulling other signs into the new millennium.

Aquarians are known for their individuality, despite the attention associated with leading the other zodiac signs. They are inventors, artists and intellectuals constantly looking for answers in every aspect of life. Their individualism can be alluring to others as they look forward to tomorrow in an attempt to forge new paths in life.

Aquarians are also mentally focused though they tend to operate on multiple levels at once. While this is a desirable trait professionally, it can be confusing and difficult for the Aquarian to come to terms with the extreme mental focus and variance that comes with the sign. Their mental fluctuation, however, does not inhibit their ability to make objective decisions in life, as they rarely let emotions get in the way of decision making.


Aquarians are outgoing creatures, which makes being the leader a bit easier to handle. They are outgoing and personable. When you befriend an Aquarian you have a friend for life. On a relationship level, Aquarians love to believe in something. When they find the man or woman of their dreams, they will foster that relationship to grow a strong, permanent bond. They tend to be considered outrageous and crazy in certain aspects of life so finding the right relationship means finding someone who can understand and appreciate the nature of the Aquarian.

Quick Facts About Aquarius
The Aquarius sign is of the air element, despite the symbol being the water bearer. Aquarians are ruled by Uranus. The birth stone of Aquarius is the amethyst. Aquarians are looking for answers in life, but the true mission underneath it all is to be unique.

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