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Taurus-horoscope.jpgTaurus are strong and dedicated though their strength is often subtle or hidden. While people regard Taurus as being socially popular, they manage to keep to themselves in most instances. Taurus born on April 20th may show personality traits of the Aries. Those born on May 20th may act a bit like the Gemini.

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A Taurus' personality is one of strength and discretion. Taurus love to live life on personal autopilot. They can easily withdraw into themselves without regard for the effect on the outside world. Withdrawal, for a Taurus, is a form of preservation or renewal; it’s as if the Taurus needs to collect thoughts and strength to deal with what happens in the outside world. Once collected, however, Taurus are in complete control and have complete power over their actions. While they are fair, rational and passionate, they are also extremely strong-willed. If a Taurus has her mind set on something, no one will change her mind.

Because of their need for structure, Taurus are not the type of people who live by chance. Life is planned – fate doesn’t have the upper hand.

Despite the strength they show others, Taurus are extremely loving people. Their connection with the earth is manifested in a form of sensuality. They love to combine senses like physical touch with emotional connection. They are genuinely delighted when in love. It can sometimes be difficult to get to know a Taurus on a personal level because they are strong enough to keep you out if they are not sure whether or not they want you in.

Quick Facts About Taurus

Taurus are of the earth element. They are ruled by the planet Venus. Their sign is the bull and their stone is the emerald. You may notice that Taurus clearly strive for financial goals and security. That is their main goal in life – to have a happy life with enough money to feel secure.

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