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Scorpios are born from October 23rd to November 21st. This sign is full of strength and weakness, purpose and resolve. Those closest to the Scorpio may know them for a lifetime and yet feel like they never really know them at all. Scorpios born at the beginning or end of the zodiac sign may share personality and relationship traits from their neighboring signs – Libra and Sagittarius.

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Scorpio is a powerful sign that comes with great knowledge and wisdom. Many refer to Scorpios as being wiser than their years; even with all that wisdom and information, however, Scorpios often struggle to find their personal path in life. What makes personal development difficult for the Scorpio is the many facets of their personality. They are drawn to the powerful nature of love, but they also love being in power. In addition to this eternal battle is the secondary battle of growth and evolution between the three different "souls" of the Scorpio – Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix Resurrected.

Scorpion is the child-like stage of the Scorpio's development. They often use their powerful nature to make wrong decisions in this beginning stage. Eagle is a bit more evolved and in control. Eagles take life by the horns and tend to be very successful. The Phoenix Resurrected is a stage of the soul that not all Scorpios achieve. This is when wisdom is so powerful it bleeds to those around the Scorpio, but not without a cost. Many Scorpios in the Phoenix Resurrected soul stage are detached from those around them.


Having a relationship with a Scorpio is like riding a never-ending roller coaster. They are strong, passionate lovers, but they are also difficult to read and may hold back true aspects of their personality for years. It is not uncommon to be married to a Scorpio for a lifetime and never truly know what makes them tick.

Some aspects of the Scorpio personality that affect their relationships include hiding their true feelings, storing emotions until they become unbearable, and having a negative attitude that prevents them from moving forward. However, Scorpios are faithful and rarely leave the side of their mate. If something goes wrong in the relationship, the Scorpio is likely to walk away and never forgive the wrongs that have been done.

Quick Facts About Scorpios

The planet that rules the Scorpio is Pluto, the zodiac element is water. The symbol of Scorpio is the scorpian, and the stone is topaz. 

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