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Libra-horoscope.jpgSeptember 23rd to October 22nd is the time of the Libra. This sign is one of the more interesting in the zodiac chart because the LIbra has no clear connection to others or need for love. Libras have a plan in life and that plan often rules all decision-making, but not all decisions made are the correct ones. From the time they are little, Libras have a mission in life and that mission is what drives them to achieve. If they recognize the fact that their life is not on the path they expected, a Libra may choose to settle down and pretend to be satisfied, though deep down the Libra is not happy.

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The Libra's personality is one based on a dream. As children, Libras develop goals and aspirations that they strive to achieve throughout their life. However, relationships, which the Libra regards as hiccups in the path of life, often change the sights of the Libra. They may find themselves on a different path than the one the envisioned and choose to settle into a more "normal" life. 

Libras have charm and a persuasive quality that helps them succeed in business. Business and work relationships are often easier for Libras to foster than their personal relationships. This is because live a life of role-playing without anyone ever realizing they are unhappy or dissatisfied with life.

On the flip side, if life takes the Libra down their dream path, they will be one of the happiest people you will ever meet. They live life to the fullest, every moment of every day. They may hold creative jobs or jobs with a direct connection with other people, like restaurant owner or designer. Libras often find themselves more comfortable living in remote, exotic locations than common cities and towns.


While each zodiac sign has a different connection or path to romance and relationships, the Libra is different. Many Libras are just as happy by themselves as they are with someone to love. In some cases, Libras will choose a mate to spend the rest of their lives with as a consolation prize for their dreams. The relationship may last a lifetime, but the Libra is never fully satisfied with how things have turned out and that dissatisfaction may show up many years into the relationship.

Quick Facts About Libra

The Libra is of the air element. Venus rules the sign and the symbol is the scale (the only zodiac sign with an inanimate object - not animal - as its symbol). The Libra's stone is the opal.

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